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  1. I expressed myself poorly, I was referring to the unknown model of ERA.
  2. This information comes from the writings of Marc Chassillan.
  3. All Merkava models are made of rolled armor plates produced by Creusot-Loire Industrie (now Industeel). What about the M735 versus the NATO Heavy Single target ? The Kornet can also be recognized by its lack of visible tail flare and its rather smooth in-flight trajectory.
  4. Video on the story of the little-known Vickers Mk. 4 (a.k.a Valiant) MBT with some exclusive photos :
  5. Does anyone know if it is possible to find the 1954-1965 back issues of the ARMOR magazine online ?
  6. The Merkava Mk. 3 were built in a series of at least three production blocks.
  7. It's likely a Block III on the two lower pictures.
  8. I guess they retained the stowage space on the right side of the driver, putting the 15 rounds on his left.
  9. Reaching a protection level similar to the Leopard 1A1A1 ?
  10. Development of a 8-tonne reconnaissance amphibious tracked vehicle (ERAC) was launched in 1960. The use of a fin-stabilized shaped charge projectile as main anti-tank round was deemed obvious given the performance achieved with the 90 mm shell. The project consists of a D 739 gun firing a 105 mm projectile with a steel body designed to be fired under higher pressure (2100 kg/cm²) with a muzzle velocity of 850 m/s. The static firing trials in 1962 and the ERAC prototype the following year fall short of expectations ; the accuracy is barely acceptable and the armor penetration is
  11. What are the purpose of the two holes ahead of the right exhaust ? APU exhaust, CBRN filtration system, air conditioning, ... ?
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