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  1. I find it endlessly amusing that they are replacing the turret drive, but keeping it hydraulic. Clearly, hydraulic leaks are a required part of the Abrams crew experience™.
  2. Man, the stories I have heard from an Aussie soldier on some of the F88's production "quality" out of Lithgow.
  3. Would make sense - the Hyperbar does take quite some time to get up to full temp & pressure, would also explain the rather jerky motion in the first race for the leclerc if the thing was still warming up.
  4. That video amuses me because the LeClerc behaves so oddly - and I don't mean in the fact it lost something it should have had down pat easily. The thing is braking before it even hits the finish line, and the braking is inconsistent - the driver hits the brakes twice before actually committing to the stop full bore. Who did they have driving that thing?
  5. So, from the same source that gave me those nice photos of the M1A2C's turret cheek extensions and how they are built-up, I can say that the ballast plates on trophy equipped non-M1A2C tonks are 1.8t and are 152mm thick.
  6. I had sort of assumed that when I saw how things were being done - no tender, no contests, not even a trial. Generally military brass are going to want to at least run a round of trials to ensure they are getting the best option. A sole-source negotiated-in-backrooms deal is usually not great for procurement. (And I am of the opinion that had the government stuck to their ludicrous timetables, even running a sham of a competition would have resulted in everyone but Abrams being disqualified - I don't see how the Leo 2 or K2 could be delivered in the numbers wanted as fast as they want them. I even doubt the Abrams can be delivered that quickly, but at least there is a chance there.)
  7. While many rounds today have the projectile extend partially into the cartridge, a telescoped round has the *entire* projectile in the cartridge - so the round is just a cylinder. Uncomfortable shades of past French "multinational" programs here. You can have a multinational project with them, so long as they are allowed to make all of the core decisions (and coincidentally or not so coincidentally those decisions are often to the benefit of French firms).
  8. This is not a real issue, you just have a bigger spare stockpile in-nation, sufficient to last a month or two. In case of non-WW3 emergencies, air cargo exists. And in a WW3 situation, the Norwegians have far worse things to worry about than how long their local spare K2 parts stockpile would last.
  9. I suppose you could bolt on a LAW in a hurry, but the RT40 according the manufacturer absolutely does not have provisions for ATGMs or hardkill APS. That is literally why they put RT60 to market, as it otherwise offers essentially nothing over RT40.
  10. And my comments on height was based totally on dragoon, yeah GDLS' proposal is just about as tall overall but the riser is baffling as to why it exists. (And as an aside I agree with Serge, the fact that RT-40 was competing and in fact considered the favorite makes me very much doubt there is a hardkill APS or ATGM reservation as part of the contest. Neither RT-20 or RT-40 have any provisions or design margins for those - with RT-60 being offered for customers who need those features. And yet RT-60 didn't get tendered.)
  11. Too much height? Both the CMI and Rafael offerings are far, far taller. There's no plans for an APS, (and I seriously doubt the Stryker has the weight margins) - nor do I see any place to put ATGMs in that turret. Furthermore, nobody else in the tender had APS or ATGM capability, and that wasn't on accident.
  12. IMHO, the updated MCT-30 was far and away the most attractive solution both aesthetically and in silhouette (the CMI and Rafael turrets are so tall!). Either Rafael has some really amazing tech promises or they went really aggressive with pricing. Updated MCT-30 in the spoiler below for reference
  13. Nobody has replied here, because there is an entire dedicated thread to IDF vehicles - including lots of in depth photos of all key areas. The hull protection ranges from an absolute joke (Merk I/II - directly inferior to the M60A1) to merely sub-par (IV). Nobody is going to copy over hundreds of posts documenting this into this thread.
  14. How could it possibly be 'safer'? The Jaguar was not designed for maximum efficiency - it was designed to strike a balance between capability and low cost. There are several subsystems and design features that were chosen specifically for cost and logistics/maintenance reasons.
  15. You can find 95-25 and 95-26 publicly available. It does not specify multiple grades in terms of any physical, ballistic, or chemical properties. The specs listed in that image are the sole acceptable bounds.
  16. Compare with data from http://btvt.info/5library/vtp_1953_bronja_m26_m46.htm - in particular this chart. DEF STAN 95-25 grade castings have hardly changed material formulation and quality from WW2 era US castings. Which the Soviets lambast heavily in that piece.
  17. The quality for DEFSTAN 95-25 CHA is really impressively poor, it's on par with that used for making the pattons.
  18. Getting rid of hydraulics is nice, and a certain safety feature. But it doesn't necessarily imply better performance - the very hydraulic stabilizer of the M1A2 was consistently called out for praise as the best stabilizer in the Greek trials (the electric system on Leo 2 improved being #2 ahead of the electric systems on LeClerc and CR2).
  19. I just cannot get over how the Redback has that large, and totally unprotected and un-cooled exhaust right up front.
  20. Well sure, the magical funtimes of the 90s when they can cancel everything everywhere because we've reached the end of history and major war will never happen again (right, Fukuyama?) were never going to last and a lot of people active then were furious at the peace dividend, but politicos and a good chunk of brass were confident that their late 80s hardware would be all that would be needed for the foreseeable future. Heck, some western armies went as far as doing things like outright shutting down their armored units due to a lack of possible use (in the view of the time.) That said, pour one out for the XM2001. Wouldn't need to be bothering with this XM1299 work, and the LV-100-5 would have made it into production for the never-ending Abrams family.
  21. What a trainwreck, WCSP dead and now quite possibly Ajax dead. This is some brilliant procurement.
  22. It should be noted, the US *has* exported DU rounds in the past - even some 829A3s were exported. The lack of DU exports and the existence of the KE-W line seems to be reluctance from the importing nation, not a fundamental refusal to sell DU rounds to close allies.
  23. Gee it's awfully funny that all of the personal combat logs whine about panzerfausts, and German records recall there being literally hundreds of them in the AO - but the fact that they didn't report the losses as being to them must mean it never happened. And yes, the losses to fausts were so low that the Soviets didn't improvise bedspring armor in a desperate attempt to do something against them, and that the soviets most certainly didn't bother capturing and reverse engineering them. Not at all. I think it is far more likely someone on the soviet side simply messed up (records are hardly faultless on any side!) with recording the losses rather than all of the combat logs being wrong and the hundreds of panzerfausts in the area apparently doing absolutely nothing despite being in a perfect situation. And yes, Norge's *nominal* AT assets are quite sad. But given the condition of the battlefield I would bet money at least some bigger AT guns were attached to them ad-hoc from other battered units. Nobody records every ad-hoc attachment, look at the utter mess of ad-hoc formations during Bagration and Zitadelle - these are well known to exist but their exact composition is never going to be fully known.
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