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  1. Fake M26 Pershings, M4 Shermans and Type 97 medium tank. These fake Type 97s' chassis come from SU-76 SPG.
  2. Maybe, but to be honest I haven't found out any original Japanese archives regarding the Tanks'(I have Type 89's, but it uses leaf springs, and most damages were not caused by IEDs) damage report caused by Chinese IEDs or homemade explosives, probably because there were too few encounters in 1940s. But I'll sure let you know when I find them.
  3. You are right, the Japanese is really fond of the Horstmann type suspension, Although they did not actually bought one of the foreign tank which use that suspension. To some extent the horizontal coil spring suspension largely used by the Japanese tanks was designed by themselves (Tomio Hara). From Type 94 Tankette (the first Japanese tank applied with that suspension) to the mighty Type 5 medium tank their suspension design are all similar. Here is an overall picture of Type 97 medium tank's suspension: This is the initial suspension design (road wheel and spring arrang
  4. I really appreciate both of you for standing by my side. Reddit is really a stink hole. People there will never pay attention to the main topic and always get lost in some other shits. I never post articles or submit comments on foreign forums or sth like Reddit before. I'm getting used to these. And I will pay more attention on my selection of words from now on. Some words which is not a big problem in China might results in huge personal attacks out of China. Jesus.....
  5. From now on I will not go to the WT forum or Reddit to argue with some "People with extreme political correctness and will never focus on the article itself and right or wrong". My point is , you can't trust what one has said just because "he is so right and acting gentle so even if he don't post out the original source or reference I will still believe him". That is immature. I have post out my reference, the books I've used, and I have translated the most important part to English. So what else should I do to prove I'm on the right side? I'm really angry with that. There is not that much arc
  6. All photos were taken by myself in year 2016 during my visit to Beijing. Tanks are from the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution and the Tank Museum(currently closed). Enjoy. No.1: Type 94 Light armored car (Tankette) in the Tank Museum This is the early version of the Type 94 Tankette. It was found in a river in 1970s. It is the best preserved Type 94 Tankette in the world. No.2: Type 97 Medium Tank in the Tank Museum This
  7. In case some of the netizens on WT forum and Reddit doubt my source of reference, I will post them out here. All the original archives I used are accessible for the public can be found in the Japan National Archive center's website here: https://www.jacar.archives.go.jp/aj/meta/reference And here is the two archives mentioned by both Waffentrager and me: C14011075200: https://www.jacar.archives.go.jp/aj/meta/image_C14011075200?IS_KIND=RefSummary&IS_STYLE=default&IS_TAG_S1=d2&IS_KEY_S1=C14011075200& C13120839500:https://www.jacar.archives.go.jp/aj/meta/lis
  8. I have finished my translation and started a new topic, you can see it now:
  9. I forgot to post out my reference: JACAR C14011075200 JACAR C13120839500 Tomio Hara: "Japanese tank" Gakken: "Tank and Gun Tank" KAMADO: "Japanese Heavy Tanks" and help from Mr.Taki.
  10. This is an article simply to show you guys here how Waffentrager is a faker. The original article ( https://www.weibo.com/ttarticle/p/show?id=2309404213101531682050) was written in Chinese and Japanese. For better understanding I will translate and edit the article and post it here. And I must tell you why I want to reveal this shit: Long time ago I found many sayings from Waffentrager’s blog which I had never heard of, so I turned to my Japanese friend and IJA tank researcher Mr.Taki and asked him to confirm a few of them. In the end it turned out that none of Waffentrager’s article
  11. Don't worry, I am currently translating my article from Chinese/Japanese to English. I will start a new topic here when I'm done. It is a little hard for non-Chinese native speakers to understand that by only using the translator. (because it contains slang words)
  12. Thank you for your warm-hearted welcome! I am actually planning to post some articles regarding some older (IJA) Japanese tanks on the forum, I will always use the original and official archives. I hate cheaters and liars as much as you do
  13. I'm Miller Z from Waffentrager's personal blog as well as Warthunder forum. I once argued about the Japanese WWII Type 5 gun tank with Waffentrager in his blog and because I post out the correct information, not his fake ones, he deleted my replies. For details and more info you guys here can visit this link(post), it's in Chinese but you can still understand what I said with the help of translators or something else, or from the screenshots I gave. Just want every of you here know that this guy is a FAKE, a totally ignorant one. Here is the link: http://www.zhuangjiacheliang.
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