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  1. It's called BARS, and it is not mounted on the Su-35. Except they really downgraded the daylights out of it and really installed BARS instead of Irbis.
  2. Nope it does infact look like it is attached, the colors being clearly segmented
  3. No. Entirely unrelated.
  4. Helo. Is there accurate data on the projectile weight of 3BM59/60? And why are the bore tip speed values so inconsistent from source to another? I have a feeling that NIMI is somewhat lowballing it's rounds. Either because its export or Because they dont want to Publicly declare .
  5. I Thought the gun was german. Why is there a consent between these gun manufacturers that 55 calibers is the best length?
  6. The optical systems placed above each radar array , on the K2 , are those laser Warning arrays or infrared trackers?
  7. What is the multi purpose part of the LMUR missile ? It's Warhead works as both HEAT and HEF?
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