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  1. https://twitter.com/ronkainen7k15/status/1437366571312156673
  2. Sources: --------------------------------------------------------------- New Challenger 2 Camo Test Source:
  3. That's what I meant. Used the 130mm demonstrator as an example because I'm assuming the new add-on blocks will look similar.
  4. Challenger 3 with Trophy MV I'm guessing the awkward placement is because it's being built around a new turret shape. E.g: And the extra armour on the glacis will also act as a support brace for the lower glacis armour array.
  5. Challenger 2 beats Leclerc in drag race https://www.facebook.com/watch/?v=353656443154750
  6. Boxer RCH 155 Firing on the Move https://www.linkedin.com/posts/activity-6834013528542777344-owYH/
  7. FFG Boxer Armoured Recovery Module Judging by the camo scheme this is heavily aimed at British Army.
  8. They seem to have a working prototype. Valhalla’s Midgard 300 RCWS firing Venom LR video: https://aei-systems.com/news-update/aei-systems-venom-30-integrated-into-valhallas-midgard-300-mk-1-rcws-video/
  9. @Dragonstriker More to do with in-service contracts and getting value-for-money.
  10. @Dragonstriker Problems with Terrier, Typhoon, Type 45 etc... preceded the MRA4 and set the foundations.
  11. Daily Mail did a article summarising Ajax problems: https://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-9845773/How-brass-blew-3-5billion-dud-menace-troops.html
  12. This is a couple of months old but in all the Ajax shenanigans I forgot to post it: British Army ‘reviewing’ MRV-P options Multirole Vehicle-Protected is a British Army program to replace the myriad of mine resistant vehicles acquired during the "War on Terror" with a common platform for all force elements. MRV-P Requirements Variants required would be split into 3 groups: Group 1 - General Purpose Group 2 - Troop Carrier, Ambulance Group 3 - Recovery Fast forward to 2016: In classic British Army fashion the whole point of the program was defeated when the L-ATV was chosen for Group 1 without competition. Bushmaster and Eagle V 6x6 would compete for Group 2. No choices were selected for Group 3 but the Recovery variants of Penman Metras, Supacat HMT 600 and Eagle 6x6 were known bidders. Group 3 Candidates The Army tried to justify this decision saying that the L-ATV was closet to the requirements (wut?), could be acquired quickly and it's low base price meant that even with the necessary modifications (convert to right-hand drive) no other could compete. A unit was acquired and multi-year testing commenced. It should be noted that all this came shortly after the Brexit Referendum. In the wake of the vote the Government announced a new Industrial Strategy and prosperity agenda. Basically, buy British. It was pointed out that an L-ATV buy would go against this and any UK content/involvement would be limited. Further a couple of years after the decision rumours began to circulate that the Army had totally miscalculated the extent of modifications needed and the price of a British spec'd L-ATV would not only be comparable to other platforms but might even be more expensive. A price bandied about was £750k per for a deployment ready unit. Group 2 trials were only mentioned as ongoing and Group 3 disappeared, seemingly cancelled. Final decision and buy was supposed to happen in 2020. After MRV-P again failed to appear in the 2021 White Paper the British Army said it was reviewing the programs options: https://www.army-technology.com/news/mrv-p-review/ As was stated when first announced, L-ATV does not meet Government prosperity requirements and the MoD has refused the buy. Notoriously the Army often sees US equipment as the "gold-plated" option and is still pushing for L-ATV. This review may simply be for show. However if it's not there are a few options that have confirmed British production line: Thales - Pushing Bushmaster and a Hawkei recently turned up at their Glasgow facility. But 2 different platforms and Hawkei is unproven. Penman - Metras is built on the Mercedes UNIMOG chassis and meets basically all requirements. 4x4, 6x6 and many variants built and tested. Composite crew module and higher than average agility due to competing for Protected Patrol Vehicle that saw Foxhound win. Small company and so originally bid with BAE but Rheinmetall merger and Boxer production line may mean they will have to look for a new partner. General Dynamics - Eagle V also mostly meets requirements and is built on the In-UK-Service DURO platform. On going tensions between Army and company won't help. There are also the two in-service platforms in General Dynamics's Foxhound and Supacat HMT to consider. Both have proposed required variants, modular design and are currently being used to test hybrid drive. Adding to the fleet would theoretically be much faster if only new modules needed to be tested rather than the entire platform.
  13. @alanch90 https://www.parliamentlive.tv/Event/Index/a76c7259-26f3-43f2-b721-03957c76fcd3 17:16:59
  14. Foxhound demonstrator with hybrid drive neutral steering:
  15. Contract for Challenger 2 armour trials: https://ted.europa.eu/udl?uri=TED:NOTICE:358117-2021:TEXT:EN:HTML&src=0 Source:
  16. How it started ^ How it's going:
  17. "The data from the trial suggests up to an 80% drop in detection with the naked eye abs hand held optics. We also tested it against other sensors but that’s not for twitter. One of the hypotheses was “it’s possible to spoof AI and create delay in the targeting cycle”." Sources:
  18. Ajax situation is ramping up. Trials have been suspended for a second time and Ministers now believe that senior officers hid the extent of problems so that it would not get cancelled during the integrated review. Tricking Ministers will likely be Ajax's death knell.
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