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  1. Is it possible that the Revolution turret is now an original IP and no longer based on the Leo 2 turret? A wholly owned turret solution by Rheinmetall? --------------------------------------------- Side turret ballast:
  2. CR3 turret is apparently just Rheinmetall's Revolution turret: -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  3. @TokyoMorose The test rig was shown with an exhaust management add-on:
  4. It's possible that Ajax (or just turreted scout variant) has been cancelled... British Defence journalists:
  5. Texelis, QinetiQ Collaborate to Develop in-wheel Electric Hub Drive Tech for Armoured Vehicles https://www.defenseworld.net/news/29597/Texelis__QinetiQ_Collaborate_to_Develop_in_wheel_Electric_Hub_Drive_Tech_for_Armoured_Vehicles Is this a private endeavour or is the French Army interested in hub drive?
  6. I had a catalogue that listed available products through Thales UK but can't find it now.
  7. That is the highest resolution available. Taken directly from the CO of ATDU twitter account. It's one of several camouflage experiments rather than an official Theatre Standard.
  8. -----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------
  9. This news is a bit old but posting now I have time: UK outlines future anti-armour requirements Mounted Close Combat Overwatch (MCCO) - Long Range ATGM Proposals by Thales, MBDA and Lockheed Martin using Brimstone missiles: Thales: "Dstl also showed a concept developed by Thales showing an Ares vehicle equipped with a remote turret that does not protrude into the vehicle’s hull and carried eight missiles." MBDA: "During a presentation on the capability, Dstl showcased concepts from MBDA detailing an Ares vehicle carrying eight Brimstone missiles on a swing launcher as well as a Boxer module carrying 16 Brimstone missiles on one side of the vehicle as well as its previously shown concept of a TheMIS UGV carrying a Brimstone launcher." Lockheed Martin: "As well as devising the Boxer module, Lockheed Martin has also developed a concept for an ISO container filled with VLS tubes and carried on a MAN SV truck. This MAN SV-based system would be able to carry 50 plus missiles." - Boxer module can carry 16 missiles CCAAW – mounted and dismounted effects Javelin ATGM replacement. Supposedly Spike 2 has been earmarked for this. The Army was waiting to see what the US did with Javelin. Sources: https://www.army-technology.com/features/lockheed-martin-uk-unwraps-future-anti-armour-concept/ https://www.army-technology.com/features/lockheed-martin-uk-unwraps-future-anti-armour-concept/ ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- UK Warrior upgrade cancellation makes sale of CT40 cannons likely Source: https://www.janes.com/defence-news/news-detail/uk-warrior-upgrade-cancellation-makes-sale-of-ct40-cannons-likely ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Pretty much what I thought would happen. The Army dumping CT40. Not even keeping them as spares for Ajax is a telling sign. I can see Rheinmetall pushing a British-ised Lance turret.
  10. Jon Hawkes reports that the choice is M829A4 or KE2020Neo. Modifications explored to accommodate former: Two armour suites. ERA and (inert) NERA. Trophy MV APS: Engine upgrade focussed on obsolescent. 1500nhp may come later:
  11. CV90120-T Low-Profile Turret and Modular Armour This is apparently a few years old but I don't remember seeing it.
  12. If it hadn't been for Cottonmouth ARV I'd be a Major a long time ago Where'd you deploy from, where'd you withdraw? What did you recon, Cottonmouth ARV? *Eurobeat*
  13. Ajax Brimstone Overwatch https://generaldynamics.uk.com/gduk/overwatch/ https://mk0generaldynam7ma37.kinstacdn.com/wp-content/uploads/2021/04/ARES-OVERWATCH-NEW-V5-1.mp4 2x4 brimstone launchers Can fire at multiple targets near simultaneously Fires static or moving -------------------------------------------------------------------------
  14. Ajax turret would be too big and heavy for an IFV. 1.7m turret ring vs 1.4m for WCSP. It's also Lance-based and LMUK and Rheinmetall fell out because of the original WCSP turret failure.
  15. @Lord_James You're using logic. Army Brass do not. When the cancelation was first announced people of course suggested a WCSP-Boxer. Various journalists quickly shut down such a thing. Army will do everything to dissociate themselves from WCSP. Doesn't matter if nearly £500m has been wasted. It's happened before, it will happen again. I could even see the Army completely dumping CT40.
  16. By all accounts the turret did work in the end and the battlefield trials for WCSP were going well. However with all the delays and cost overruns it simply became untenable to continue. I would say "politically risky" would refer to the optics of giving LMUK more money to continue a "failed" programme on another platform. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------- --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Scottish Conservative leader standing on a Hawkei at Thales in Glasgow. Recently GDUK has been promoting Foxhound on twitter sparking speculation that L-ATV will be rejected for MRV-P Group 1. Hawkei turning up at the proposed manufacturing site for Bushmaster (competing against Eagle V 6x6 for MRV-P Group 2) and allowed to be used for a photo-op adds to that further. Link if you want to see more photos of a politician climbing on a no-step bonnet: https://www.gettyimages.co.uk/photos/thales?events=775640429&family=editorial&phrase=thales&sort=best
  17. Helmets make for the best wheel chocks...
  18. I don't know what they mean by Southern Asia? South Korea isn't actually in the south.
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