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Hippies Ruined Another Thing

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"The peaceful protest by Greenpeace in the area of the Nazca lines was to demonstrate the impacts of climate change and honour the historical legacy of this town who learned to live with the environment without affecting it,"


I really don't see how desecrating ancient art achieves either of these purposes. It just seems like a very tacky way of getting attention. On the bright-side, it wasn't a stunt by History Channel to promote Ancient Aliens. 

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"We fully understand that this looks bad. Rather than relay an urgent message of hope and possibility to the leaders gathering at the Lima UN climate talks, we came across as careless and crass."

These hippies are so braindead, they don't know the difference between introducing yourself clumsily at a party and desecrating a people's heritage. Hijacking an ancient site for political purposes goes so far beyond "coming across as careless an crass" it boggles the mind.

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I give up, the French are global heroes for mining the rainbow warrior in 1985 and deserve praise, and more national intelligence agencies should follow suit.


Seriously, fuck these shitters, they should be treated as a terrorist organization like ALF/ELF.

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