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I realized that we don't actually have a thread about the British Chieftain tank.  


I posted a bunch of Chieftain related stuff on my site today for anyone who is interested.  The items include:


Magazine Articles


1970 article from ARMOR

1970 article from IDR  - Chieftain-Main Battle tank for the 1970s

1976 article from IDR - The Combat-Improved Chieftain – First Impressions

1976 article from IDR - Improved Chieftain for Iran


Government reports


WO 194-495 Assessment of Weapon System in Chieftain

WO 341-108 Automotive Branch Report on Chieftain Modifications

DEFE 15-1183 – L11 Brochure 

WO 194-463 – Demonstration of Chieftain Gun 


WO 194-1323 – Feasibility study on Burlington Chieftain

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Chieftain, versions with all steel armour up to Mk.9, I think, was considered to be a very well protected tank for its time. But that was said during time of rampant use of shape charge ammunition and the steel plate offers arguably not much protection against it. Considering that Germans were pushing for mass production of HEAT-FS ammunition already during the ww2, what was the logic behind chieftain's armour against such ammunition in the 60-70ies?

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