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When a consortium that includes Lockheed Martin, PCL Construction, Stantec Engineering, and Magna International proposes a 25 million feel good project at a local tourist attraction, why do I feel confident that this is a dog and pony show for something much bigger...



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Convoy of #Armenia air defense 9K33 Osa (SA-8 Gecko) highly mobile, low-altitude, short-range tactical SAM.




#Armenia president has instructed the Foreign Ministry to work toward signing a military cooperation agreement with Karabakh.



My mother's cousin work as military doctor in Armenian Armed forces, they all were ordered to get to Erevan. A lot of patients are moved in hospitals deeper in the country, to create a space for injured.

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#PanamaPapers Putin attack was produced by OCCRP which targets Russia & former USSR and was funded by USAID & Soros.



WikiLeaks ‏@wikileaks  2 ч

@a_caseyquinn @mynameisphilipp SZ is the source of the documents. OCCRP is the source of the Putin story.

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Gee, The Netherlands isn't comfortable with hanging out with a bunch of fucking wannabe Nazis.  Who would have guessed?

Like I've told people, I have nothing against the Ukrainian people. But fuck their government. As soon as they get a decent government, I'm all for a deal. But seriously, their president is storing his money in freaking Panama instead of in his 'own' fucking country.


I mean, fucking claiming that the Brussels attack were done by the Russians. Are you serious!?

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   The deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Yevhen Rybczynski wrote an article entitled "The Dutches, what you smoke?" in the popular newspaper "Ukrainian Truth", where he unexpectedly called EU unworthy of association with Ukraine. Earlier, on the Maidan the same deputy, along with thousands of protesters demanded the immediate association of Ukraine with the EU.  


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