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Non-exploding infantry hardware thread.

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Somebody decided to mount optical sight from RPG-7V ("PGO-7V", 2.7x) on AK (both 5.45 and 7.62), like some of Soviet Army soldiers did in A-stan and find out how to use it and why people were doing th

Zvezda made a report about FSB TsSN Directorate "K" (25 years anniversary), screengrabs:        Armored UAZ Patriot. Interesting, are those things as shitty as normal Patrio

Also few rare photo from Directorate A facility (i guess).   Some of them translated:   Also, MP-5s if i see it right.

Also few rare photo from Directorate A facility (i guess).



Some of them translated:


The weapon is not a source of "increased danger", but your friend and working tool.


For gaps in fire training, assessment "unsatisfactory" in the battle puts an enemy bullet.


Best pistol is avtomat.


Pistol is needed to get to your rifle, which shouldn't have been forgoten.


All spetsnaz soldiers died in firefight, not in hand to hand combat.


Nobody was able to miss fast enough to win.


Test: night, distance - 15 meters, target - terrorist head, hostage - your kid. Answer "Yes" - member, "No" - sportsman.


A member of the anti-terror unit is an owner of each of his shots.


You missed? Welcome to Military prosecutor's office. 


If a thug at a distance of 100 meters gets shot into one knee with 7.62, and into another with 5.45, he will not notice the difference






Also, MP-5s if i see it right.

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