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  1. Turks with cope cages on tanks
  2. mr.T

    UAV thread

    Range of 80km , is closer to lancet than shahed and it just says battery lasts for 3 hours , not the fuel for the turbine, also no optics to be seen , ist just a mockup airframe. Vtol launch from a separate drone would not be unusual but somewhat less than practical with turbine engine ,but recovery not likely to be VTOL
  3. Kimichi cope cages , look like they were roofs lifted straight from a kiosk https://streamable.com/a4ycp0
  4. mr.T

    UAV thread

    This looks like it will be VTOL
  5. Multicam camo works in most environments and clones are justifiably popular. EMR -Digital Flora was designed by an idiot, that made a Tetris camo that at any usable distance basically performs like it does not have any pattern at all ,you might just as well use green cloth without camo.
  6. mr.T

    UAV thread

    Tandem warheads used https://streamable.com/xovikt https://streamable.com/w5g0mw
  7. Anyone who mounted one of these might need to have a look under the hood if there is even a system there or just an expensive mockup as they absolutely face-planted in real action when Django Unchained in Gaza
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