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  1. Both Koreans and Turks have issues with the engine for the new tank , and it doesnt seem like Ukrainan engine is going to solve turk engine problems,
  2. I never suggested a bomb armed bomber but a missile armed one as well. PAK-DA will be subsonic missiler as well ,So lets say its something like B2 with same cruise missile payload as Tu-160 , stand off range remains the same ,but adding stealth means it could remain undetected much closes to AD zones. Subsonic flying wing is way more aerodynamically efficient than Tu-160 so having greater range than Tu-160 would be no problem, although i expect the plane to be actually much smaller and lighter than B2 or Tu-160 , with 4 non afterburning AL-41 engines
  3. Russia unlike US is not a global intervention force so has much different requirements , Tu-160 speed is of little use against any AD its also very expensive and complex for given payload compared to subsonic airplane. Missiler stays out of harms way by having stand off weapons not by being fast. At longer stand of ranges even less than perfectly stealthy plane can remain hidden whole mission while Tu 160 is on radars 400km-600km away. Only mission that might benefit from speed is the anti shipping role of Tu-22 but even that might in future better be handled with drones.
  4. There is really no point in making more of these , rather invest in subsonic but stealthy PAK DA
  5. They were shooting at 400$ drones and missiles are quite useless(at least the radar and IR guided ones, conmand and laser guided are better ) no to mention expensive against these threats . Guns are the way to go , preferably big guns to get some more range , than you need some firecotrol that could handle these at extreme gun ranges. I imagine AI processing pixels in video feeds will prove usefull soon . These drones are definetly an ideal target for lasers.
  6. The surplus Gepard used for test in Qatar in 2018 blew up one of the cannon breches before they even shot a first drone then had turret drives cause problems etc, so shootign was done on one cannon only , Search radar was useless and targets were engaged at 1000-400m hardly usefull range to protect much in terms of infrastructure. To combat the drones most of legarcy SPAAGs will need some upgrades to make them more useful .
  7. Interestingly both American and Russian programs that resulted in a10 and Su25 took far to many cues from past wars and not enough taught for future ones. Il-102 is straight up jet powered iliteration of WW2 Sturmovik , its beyond me how someone ever approved construction of this plane.
  8. Indeed most world car manufacturers outsource just about every component and process , even development of said components , Lada is made in Togliattigrad in one of the largest car plants in the world , not because they make most cars (the volume they manufacture is actually rather small),but because virtually everything is made inhouse . Most car manufacturers these days couldn't make a whole car on their own even if they wanted to , but that is not their goal as they also offload development and tooling costs onto their supplyers. Togliattigrad - is named after the Italian Pal
  9. Advanced Indonsian UGVs LOL The Military Polytechnic Institute of the National Army of Indonesia presented promising combat ground-based robotic systems of domestic development. The attention of journalists was riveted to the unmanned combat system on the chassis of a walk-behind tractor.
  10. Looks like Azeri troops fell into an ambush 50+KIA
  11. The most interesting part is they float and tyres provide much of the flotation and all of the propulsion.
  12. Wonder when someone finaly decides to equip at least VDV and likes with red dots or other optics , seriously these days with irons ............. RAID veper + holy moly dose of steroids
  13. Considering it was near point blank hit , BTR surprisingly survived as well as it did , its thin skinned but at least armor is sloped .
  14. its not just for night but for high altitude jumps as you can see the oxygen mask and the parachute for delayed oppening
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