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  1. Electronic warfare J-16D , its quite interesting to see its without internal cannon and IRST
  2. Indeed the US has been hard at it trying to prevent any nuclear proliferation , and anyone with anything nuclear basically build their own . Note that French were offering Australia a denuclearized sub because no one ever considered sale of nuclear sub. Russia in the past leased a nuclear sub to India for 3 years but there was considerable pressure not to renew the lease. This deal is kinda opening shot for export of nuclear subs
  3. Hungarian Lynx in tetris camo , in what looks to be the construction site of the factory where they will manufacture Lynx in Hungary.
  4. Motorcycle helmet with glued on 3M filters . Its always amusing how often 'future soldier' projects concepts run with a motorcycle helmets.
  5. M1 purchase Depends on Euro billions flowing , at the moment it seems there is a rough road ahead for the Polish and Hungarian euro billions. Its much easyer to spend billion on defense when EU funds account for more than 4% of your GDP
  6. It says A locally modified BMP-1 with Amphibious kit In Nasr City https://milinme.wordpress.com/2011/02/07/egyptian-days-3/ right beside the Photo of moded up M113 I guess some chinese inspiration behind that BMP mod
  7. Egypt ,high water speed BMP mod, ad some fairings and stick a couple of outboard engines on it.
  8. Apparently they couldn't build it even higher , and have not jet mastered hard anodising ,show optic all dinged up For AR15 type you kinda have an excuse for the height but not with any of the Russian guns
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