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Non-exploding infantry hardware thread.

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Somebody decided to mount optical sight from RPG-7V ("PGO-7V", 2.7x) on AK (both 5.45 and 7.62), like some of Soviet Army soldiers did in A-stan and find out how to use it and why people were doing th

Zvezda made a report about FSB TsSN Directorate "K" (25 years anniversary), screengrabs:        Armored UAZ Patriot. Interesting, are those things as shitty as normal Patrio

Also few rare photo from Directorate A facility (i guess).   Some of them translated:   Also, MP-5s if i see it right.

Liberec Technical University developed a special thermochromatic pigment for textiles which changes colors depending on the ambient temperature from yellowish desert pattern to dark green patterns. The color change is said to be repeatable infinitely and the pigment is stable on the sun or in the water. The temperatures in which the color change happens can be adjusted in production, currently it is said to be around 37-40°C. For the moment there is a certain disadvantage in rustling of the material but that is said to be solvable in the near future. Further development shall continue in cooperation with Czech army. 


You can see a video in this article (the interesting part is @ 0:21)https://www.idnes.cz/liberec/zpravy/univerzita-liberec-bunda-armada-vynalez-meni-barvy.A190821_144009_liberec-zpravy_tm

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   "Daemon" sight from IWT - thermal imager, improved laser rangefinder with tighter laser mark, GPS, three-axis gyroscope and accelerometer, electronic compass, remote control, communication and data transmission interfaces, picture in picture and stabilised FOV, ballistic computer that remembers 3 types of ammunition for each of 8 guns that you can programm in. It have something very close to FCS, if customer adds weather sensor (optional) sight can calculate ballistic drop taking into account angle, range, atmospheric conditions.






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