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How To Tell Japs From The Chinese

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Probably more true because they suddenly went from reasonably acceptable to totally loathed, so the sort of weird obsession most people who go out to commit hate crimes have isn't even necessary. I think that might have something to do with something every male member of a different religion wears becoming part of the visual shorthand for that particular religion because people just don't know and start recycling the confused imagery they were working with when starting. When the rate of crime against a demographic spikes by 1600% in year to year rates in a morning on the strength of four months, there's not much time to go and do proper research.

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It's severely weird realizing all the nationalist stuff that only kind of got sorted out with huge amounts of problems less than a century ago. It was especially weird reading about post-Ottoman Arab nationalist thought in the context of the German and Italian nations being works in progress that seemed to be working but weren't really sorted out yet when the whole Arab Nationalism thing was starting as an ideology. If that had happened on a different chronology I don't doubt that some things would have gone considerably differently.

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