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Nagorno Karabakh conflict

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   Azerbaijan lost 2 T-90S and BTR-82A

   First one is number 81.






   Second one



   BTR-82A with dead soldier under it, NSFW.




   Azerbaijan is striking infrastructure - bridges. Possibly with Israeli LORA missiles.








   Something is being delivered from Russia to Armenia through Iran, avoids Georgia, Azerbaijan and Turkey.


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Short summary of that analysis.      Azerbaijan army conducting attack of Nagorniy Karabakh from 2 directions - Southern and Northern. Main attack is happening against city of Martakert (Nor

Massive fighting started along most of the Nagorno Karabakh border. The situation looks very serious as both Nagorno Karabakh and Armenia declared martial law and started general mobilisation.   

3rd pic show wheel that Mi-8s doesn't have. According to what i saw, those photos are from 2013, Russian AN-2 crash. That wheel looks like is a rear wheel of AN-2.

7 hours ago, Eliz said:

Most diverse army in the world, they even have north korean 122mm mlrs.


Is not this north korean bm11?! 



I doubt that Azerb. will ever buy North Korean, politically problematic and they have better deals with Russia, Israel and Turkey anyway.

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   Azerbaijan claims capture of Madaghis.








   Dead Armenian soldiers, NSFW.



   Azerbaijan claims more advances:


   President Ilham Aliyev: Today the Azerbaijani army liberated 7 villages in Terter, Jabrayil and Fizuli regions from occupation





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Armenian artillery strikes plus a tank being hit and destroyed possibly by RPG from twenty meters or so. 


Dozens of Azeri corpses being removed by Armenian soldiers. NSFW.


Possibly Smerch cluster ammo hitting Stepanekert residential area.


Attack on Azeri convoy (plus what was already in previously posted video).


Nearly intact Azeri Orbiter.


What looks like a Tochka or Scud crater in Azerbaijan.


Azeri Ganja city and its airbase was hit by long range missiles. Some hit residential areas. So far the civilian casualties were very low thanks to the LOC being largely depopulated in the previous decades but this long range strikes bring civilians on both sides in danger. 


Turkey allegedly handed over 55 bodies of dead Syrian fighter yesterday back to their relatives. NSFW. 


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Same place, initial phase of the ambush. ATGM hits on two trucks. 


Three tanks captured by Azerbaijan and Smerch rockets (presumably cluster ones) in Ganja, Azerbaijan. 


Azeri Mi-24 in action. First video from a captured Armenian position is NSFW. 


Armenians captured some Azeri position. NSFW.


Some Armenian trucks and stuff captured by Azeris.


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On 10/3/2020 at 7:28 AM, LoooSeR said:

I doubt that Azerb. will ever buy North Korean, politically problematic and they have better deals with Russia, Israel and Turkey anyway.

Maybe they bought it from iran.


Almost 30 billion usd spent since 2007  And troops still are transported with old soviet armor.


Cobra 4x4 costs less then 200k but they spent almost half million for each, and they send politican who said that in prison. Huge corruption over there. 


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Some diplomatic traffic... just a bit shown (there were two flights of Armenian government Airbus to Moscow during the weekend). 


Also it's worth to point out that Azeri and Turkish cargo flights continue to fly through Georgia. 


According to Ria article from 5th October there were 93 Syrian fighters killed in Nagorno Karabakh conflict. According to the same article there were 322 Syrian fighters there on Oct 1st and another 430 arrived during the weekend. If true the casualty rate is such that going there is more or less a suicide. 


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   Captured Armenian artillery position.





    Small note - RSOTM means "Reverse side of the medal", he has youtube channel with number of videos and streams with different people (DNR/LNR fighters, mercs, even Ukrainian soldiers, etc.).

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Neither Azerbaijan, nor Armenia (nor US, Russia, UK, Israel, Ukraine, Syria...) signed the Dublin Convention on Cluster Munition therefore use of such weapons is legal. Very few counties which actually do wage some wars did so because from purely military point of view it's nonsense. 

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