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The Space Exploration Achievements Thread

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How the fuck would it not be a Nazi weapon? It was a weapon developed and used by Nazis --> is Nazi weapon. They didn't even steal it from the Czechs like they did half their other shit.


Maybe people are confused that the Nazi's spent so much time and money devopling useless rockets (not harmless, but the cost-effective equivalent of bombing British towns with incediary recihmarks) that it HAD to be an Allied sabotage project


Kinda like how Ferdinad Porsche was a decorated Soviet Sabotuer

I mean, nothing says feeding your enemy healthy servings of bullshit like producing a 60 ton tank with 100mm of front turrent armor 

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Honestly, it's more likely that this is just a very distant TNO (like Sedna). I saw a thing by Mike Brown saying that given how narrow the field of view is on the telescope that found this, if it's Earth mass statistically there's probably about 2,000 other ones the same size out there. And I think a brown dwarf would have been found by that IR survey they did a few years ago.

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