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Images of the Good Old Days


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This is the closets thing to lighting the Tied signal (nice toons by the way OP, damn accurate drawings of vehicles from what i can tell from my limited knowlegde of HATO equibment)


Valerie Medvedev was a Soviet air force technician servicing air force planes and jets. He finished pilot's college in Russia but instead of being a real pilot he had to work on the ground for over eight years. Later he became a professor in one of the Soviet and then Russian air force universities. The images are pretty much awesome combining an artistic approach and the honest emotions of an officer who had to serve in the distant Russian air field during the late Soviet era. His depiction of planes is pretty much realistic and the people are more comic-like though his attention to the smallest detail - like uniforms etc is pretty much stunning. Also if you look on the top image there is a striped flag on the background - this was an official flag of the Soviet Air Force - it would be a motif on some of the further drawings you'll see inside:





"Monday at work"



"Where is that freaking screw driver??"


"In my hometown its a season of apricots bloom already..."


Air force Flag :D


During the duty hours time's passing slow.






"We need an engineer!"



Technicians are happy - no flight today because of weather.



Need a lift?



Camping with friends just a step away from the air field.




According to Soviet tradition when an officer was promoted one rank higher he got new small star to be inserted into his uniform chevrons. And to get it he had to put it first inside of the glass full of vodka - right on the bottom - then drink all the vodka and get the stars.



"Whatcha doing!"


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