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  1. Other tips and mechanics stuff: -You need the fuel resource to go on the PVE raids. The fuel system is a little complicated, but it's well worth learning because you can make quick cash with it. There is a fuel meter in the upper right hand corner of your interface. Your max fuel starts at 40 or something, but increases as you level up. You will earn fuel in PVP if your vehicle has a fuel tank and if your vehicle's fuel tank survives the battle. Multiple fuel tanks of the same type don't stack, and they do explode when hit hard enough, so it's not a good idea to carry more than one. If you don't fill your tank with the fuel after each battle, it will go into your inventory. Also, your fuel tank will re-fill completely every 24 hours. You can sell fuel once you hit 100 units of it, and it's one of the most valuable items that you can grind at low levels, so it's worth considering. You can take fuel from your inventory and put it in your fuel tank for PVE missions, but you cannot take the PVE fuel tank fuel and put it into your inventory. -Vehicles die when their cabins run out of hit points. Most structural parts add hit points to the cabin, and if they don't it is noted in the construction tooltip. From my testing, if you shoot structural parts off, those hit points are deducted from the cabin, so I'm not sure that it's as important to completely shield the cabin with parts as many players would have you believe. Shielding weapons does seem worthwhile, however. -The mobility mechanics aren't explained anywhere, but near as I can tell, here's how they work. Your vehicle's top speed is determined by your cabin's top speed. Your top speed will also be reduced if you use legs or tracks instead of wheels. As you add more and more parts, your vehicle will loose acceleration, but keep the same top speed. You can restore the acceleration by adding an engine module, but the engines do not appear to improve top speed. -If you are making a six-wheeled vehicle with pivoting wheels in the front and rear, make sure to place the rear pair of wheels closer to the middle pair of wheels than the middle pair of wheels are to the front pair. If you don't, your vehicle will have a tendency to oversteer and drift. -The unpowered melee weapons like the bumpers and the knives only deal increased damage during ramming. The powered ones like the chainsaws deal damage continuously. The mine-type melee weapons (bomb-on-a-stick looking things) are one-shot, but they deal oodles of damage when they do connect. -The damage numbers shown over enemy vehicles when you hit them are compressed for some number of game ticks and are rounded to the nearest whole number, but they are tracked fractionally. This is significant for machine guns, as you might be doing more or less damage than you think you are due to the rounding. Also, don't be fooled, the basic machine guns do not have damage increase per second, the reason your damage numbers are going up is that you're seeing damage from multiple ticks compressed into a single display. -If you see yellow numbers above the enemy when you hit them, that means you hit their cabin. This is a good thing.
  2. English version of the Kalashnikov Concern pistols video that LoooSeR already posted: It claims that the PL-15 has a striker-fired version, WTF?
  3. OK, here's what I've figured out so far: -Hit "F" to enable voxel grid visibility when constructing your vehicle. This makes it a lot easier. -The game opens up a lot at level 10. A bunch of new weapons and gameplay options become available. -The 40 fuel raids are worth a lot more than the 20 fuel raids.
  4. ... So, this new Assassin's Creed: Origins game is set in Ptolemaic Egypt. But it's about Assassins, i.e. an esoteric cultic group of Ismaili Shia Muslims from ten centuries after the absorption of Ptolemaic Egypt by the Roman Empire. And I'm not saying that to be cute, the first game makes it very explicit that the Assassins it's talking about are the historical Hashashin. The only way this makes sense is if the Hashashin cult or indeed all of Shia Islam predates Mohammad by several centuries. As people who follow the war in Syria know, this assertion is actually a fairly common slander by radical Islamist groups seeking to justify the genocide of Shiites. Ubisoft confirmed for Islamic State.
  5. First few seconds shows the forbidden love of a wheelbarrow and a KPV heavy machine gun: I found this and much, much more at the shittytechnicals subreddit, which @RobotMinisterofTrueKorea found a few nights ago.
  6. @RobotMinisterofTrueKorea found this collection of illustrations from men's magazines, including several I had not seen before. I think this one is the most transcendently glorious: "Hot lead umbrella?" Is he going to... shoot over their heads and shade them? Maybe it's hard to think of snappy lines when you're concentrating on surfing with a machine gun. It's a goddamn shame that this was never made into a movie. We're set to get Marvel's Walrus Avenger II: When Star Wars Attacks and sequels or whatever out 'til the mid 2040s, but we can't have Surf Pack Assassins? What sort of a world is this?
  7. What is even weirder is that they thought that was something they actively needed to stop. Have they met engineers?
  8. LOL, look at the alphabet. It's sure not Greek.
  9. FIFY
  10. I can definitely buy this part. Technology of Tanks describes a little bit of the engine tweaking and optimization that went into the Leo 2. Despite having a better power to weight ratio than the late-model Leo 1, the early Leo 2 had worse acceleration until modifications to allow better engine RPM increase were made.
  11. Did it work in practice? Yes and no. The egg-shaped hull definitely provides more armor relative to the internal volume, and this is geometrically provable. A circle has more area relative to its perimeter than a square does, and the egg-shaped tanks will have more internal volume relative to their surface area for the same reason. But the T-54's hull does a better job of utilizing volume close to the ground, which means it has a lower profile even if it pays a little extra weight for it. Given that there weren't effective countermeasures to HEAT warheads at that time, making a slightly less efficient shape that was easier to hide and just got hit less was probably a better idea than making a more efficient shape with a higher profile. Also, not all internal volume is created equal. A tank's turret looks to have all sorts of internal volume, but it's hard to utilize that volume in practice because the turret is divided down the center by the gun breech. The egg-shaped hulls forced rather shorter turret baskets than one would expect for a hull of that height because they were forced to fit into the funky-shaped envelope. M60's straight glacis was as a provision for the silica-cored armor that was never fitted AIUI, the rest of the hull was still egg-shaped, which is part of why the M1 Abrams is so much squatter than the M60.
  12. Novorossiyan flag patch? Which units wear those?
  13. This is actually one of the big problems with the Trump/Sanders/Paul type of "long tail" political campaigns. You can get surprise victories with coalitions of the previously disenfranchised. But the previously disenfranchised also includes a lot of crazy people you want nothing to do with.
  14. The Pz III's turret layout certainly did not lend itself to up-gunning. The commander's position was centerline, so stuffing in a larger gun would have meant that the loader didn't have enough access to the breech and the gun would have smacked the commander in the balls during recoil. Pz IV seems to have had more growth potential, but besides the turret design issue I'm not sure why this was. I would be curious to see suspension bound/rebound figures for both tanks. In theory the Pz III's independent torsion bar suspension should have given it an edge in cross-country performance, but early torsion bar suspensions all fell far short of the system's potential, so the edge might have been small. It's noteworthy, I think, that Daimler Benz's next design proposal was initially intended to have leaf springs (the T-34 look-alike).