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  1. Are the seperatist/extremist groups in Dagestan actually coordinated with ISIS in Syria and Iraq, or have they just pledged allegiance?
  2. It might be a translation-derp of rounded-profile rifling, like this: Presumably the rifling twists the same way all the way down the bore... There's a lot of wank about different rifling profiles, and basically it doesn't matter. According to Julian Hatcher's tests in the 1930s, .30-06 loses about 1% of the cartridge's energy to friction with the rifling, and that figure goes down as you scale up. The highest estimate I've ever seen for energy loss from bore/bullet friction is 3% for 5.56 NATO. So, if you invented some super-duper rifling that caused 1/1000th the drag of regular rifling the improvement on muzzle velocity would be... somewhat above the level of statistical noise.
  3. Is the giant smokescreen in the second picture entirely from the engines of the aircraft carrier? If that's where all that smoke is coming from, I suppose it is an accurate reproduction of the Kuznetsov.
  4. There are what, four typhoons stationed on the Falklands themselves? That right there should be enough to kill the entire Argentine air force.
  5. I wonder how well those wheel covers do in the mud.
  6. Looks like there are more sensors in the nose now:
  7. You know, I figured that some day someone would copy paste something from the Daily Stormer, but I hadn't figured that it would be EE.
  8. Japanese wind tunnel models and computer design studies. You can see that they're still trying different things; the empennage is noticeably different between the different models. AAM appears to be the fearsome meteor, or perhaps the improved Japanese version of it! Curiously, the engine nozzles appear to be conventional circular. That's definitely a low bypass ratio jet engine, probably for a fighter. I count three low pressure stages in the compressor and six high pressure stages. EJ200 is 3 and 5, so this isn't just an EJ200.
  9. As in the spear-throwing lever is flexible and is bending while you chuck darts with it. Most atlatls from the archaeological record are wood, but a fair number are bone or ivory, and those are absolutely inflexible. This shows to me that you want the thrower to be as rigid as possible, although there is substantial disagreement about whether the darts should flex.
  10. Jihad design bureau technicians are afforded ample opportunity for martyrdom, the same as their brothers fighting in the front lines.
  11. This is really remarkable. There must be a factory, somewhere in ISIS-stan that is fairly large and well-equipped for converting these PG-9 warheads into these AT-4 look-alikes. I wonder what rocket motors they are using?
  12. If your atlatl is flexing, that's probably no bueno for accuracy.
  13. LoooSer'd. Speaking of the L85, Ian has been doing a series: I'm not sure where he got the idea that the XL-60 series have a rectangular receiver and the XL-70 series have a trapezoidal one. According to the diagrams in Steve Raw's book, the XL-64 have an asymmetrical, somewhat rounded receiver cross-section while the production SA-80 has a rectilinear receiver cross-section. In fact, one of the biggest mysteries of the SA-80 program is how the design got from the XL-64 to the XL-70. A lot of the design elements change, seemingly overnight and with no intermediate steps. The receiver goes from the irregular, oblong shape to the square shape. The handguard goes from having a clamshell left and right half to an upper piece and a bottom piece. The bolt carrier goes from riding on a pair of guide rods that also house the return springs (basically an exact clone of the AR-18) to having two guide rods and a third rod that supports the return spring. All of these changes occurred at once. Also, none of them fixed the problems.