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  1. I've asked my mates Everything is okay even if some details are a little approximate.
  2. Only the main gun pic and coax mg pic are blur So here you go : https://imgur.com/a/CNIR1BQ
  3. Hey thanks Loooser for reposting Yeah to explain a bit for those pics, somes are from the books "Encyclop├ędie Chars de Combat Modernes", and all the others are from Nexter. They were on a wall of a french workshop. Somes are really hard to read on, so if you want I can re write on it since I'm the author of thoses pics, I got the original pictures. Somes of thoses schemas are not really up to date, i'm gonna receive the new ones. If you got any questions regarding Leclerc, I can provide a pretty good help. You can add me on discord btw : Chanou#8977 Have a nice day everyone
  4. Same armor as 2A4 I think, cause it's based on 2A4 and the gunner sight looks to be at the same position here and on 2A4.
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