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  1. Thanks. --- Seafire Mk.I, II, III Merlin 32, 45, 46, 55 or 55M Engine Pilots Notes Seafire Mk.XV&XVII Griffon VI Engine Pilots Notes Seafire mk.45 Griffon 61 Engine Mk.46 Griffon 87 Engine Seafire FR.47 Griffon 87 or 88 Engine Naval Air Fighting Development Unit Test Report on Seafire FR.47 More tomorrow. Most of it will be German props I think. Oh, and, forgot this: U-2 Flight Utility Manual 1 March 1959
  2. But that's not possible! We all know Russia has the worst electronics in the world! Cameras? Monitors? This is heresy! I know you're Putin and you want to deceive the West. I know that. The CIA knows that. You won't succeed Commie Capitalist Imperialist Socialist whatever you are. - literally every NATO fanboy out there.
  3. So where does that claim come from? I always thought Afganit can only intercept SC attacks, and not APFSDS. Hmm.. possible.
  4. Thanks. Though why should the T-14 be secret? I think the NATO already knows a lot about it. That Journalist is annoying, I agree.
  5. That first HMV would be so goddamn good against Metro's spiders.
  6. More: Ta-152H Teil 1 Ta-152H Manual Translated Ta 152 C, Baubeschreibung Nr.290, 5.Januar 1945, 12 Seiten Ta 152 H-0, H-1, Vorläufiges Handbuch, Elektrisches Bordnetz, Januar 1945, 42 Seiten Ta 152, Ersatzteil-Liste Ta 152, Januar 1945, 299 Seiten Ta 152 C,H, Werkzeichnungen , 1943-1945, Band 1, 104 Seiten Do-335 A1 Teil 0 Flight Handbook Do-335 Patentschrift Document Do-335 A1 Geraeteliste Do 335 A-6 Nachtjaeger Baubeschreibung Do 335 B-0 Zerstoerer Daimler Benz Handbuch DB 601 A-B Daimler Benz DB 603 A Handbuch Daimler Benz DB 603 E-G Handbuch ----- IL-2 FLIGHT MANUAL TRANSLATED 1942 ----- SPITFIRE IX, XI & XVI PILOTS NOTES THIRD EDITION More later.
  7. T-34 EARLY TANK SERVICE MANUAL North Korea's Military Threat: Pyongyang's conventional forces, WMD's and Ballistic Missiles 1976 US report on capabilities of and countermeasures to the ZSU-23-4 Shilka Technical Manual for M6 and M6A1 heavy tanks Also a good book
  8. ..faster? The only difference is that the first Krupp turret weighed 1 ton less than the second Krupp turret. 1 ton does not really mean faster..
  9. My USMC friend said that they once found an IED hidden in a street block. The IED composed of 4 155mm artillery shells (each one ~ 55kg). Managed to deactivate it though thankfully.
  10. Hmm.. Still, that damage is too strange for an AT mine. Too big.
  11. Wouldn't the ATGM destroy the ammo, which would destroy the whole IFV?
  12. But shouldn't an AT mine leave the hull kind of intact? That BMP-3 looks like it was hit by an ATGM.
  13. Tiger Operations Handbook: Tigerfibel 12cm kanon STRV 121/122. Skjuttabeller Not sure if it counts but US Army Budget Plan 2016 More later.
  14. Pilots Flight Operating Instructions for Army Model B-17 F and G, British Model Fortress II P-40N Erection and Maintance P-40N Flight Operating Instructions F-86A Flight Handbook AN 01-60JLA-1 30 July 1952 F-86A Flight Handbook T.O. 1F-86-A-1 - 30 August 1957 More later.
  15. Here's the pictures I had. T-80BV: BMP-3: Completely annihilated.
  16. This was the one I had.. posted by LoooSeR just above you by a few posts:
  17. OK, thanks. --- Something ironic.. Nazis using BS-3: Azov. Neo Nazis. Using BS-3. The fucking irony here..
  18. OK. What about the pro Russian side? Do they also have Neo Nazis?
  19. But Azov is volunteer, right? anyway, how high is neo nazi involvement in the civil war on Ukraine's side?
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