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  1. So DND does the ERA for the Leclerc? Also the French Army ERA? So DND does the ERA for the Leclerc? Also for the French Army Leclercs? Or only for the export ones?
  2. Haenel is out and H&K is supposed to step up with their HK416A8. Now its up to the lawyers and judges how long it will take until the contract is awarded. https://soldat-und-technik.de/2021/03/bewaffnung/26072/hk416-a8-wird-system-sturmgewehr-bundeswehr-bmvg-will-auftrag-an-heckler-koch-vergeben/
  3. @SH_MMI really like the concept. Alot of COTS Prodcuts. And some lesser known Firms but who probably cann pull it off. I find the Hybrid Drive very interesting. And it uses a hydropneumatic suspension? Or how are they gonna fit 2 into a CH53K/CH47F?
  4. The 2A6M has just extra mine protection in the form of new decoupled seats and a mine protection plate on the belly. The 2A6A3 is a sort of Ersatz-2A7V its trying to get to the same level as the A7V but with a few discounts. Mainly the extra frontal hull armor, the improved final drive and the APU. But the FCS, controls and optronics will be the same as the A7V. "In March 2019, KMW received an order from the BAAINBw to upgrade a total of 101 Leopard 2A6 tanks. Besides other changes, the operating concept, sight system, fire control system and the chassis will be brought to Leopard 2A7 le
  5. I think thats just for the first Divison until 2027. The other half is then after that until 2032.
  6. 3 Companies * 14 Boxers+1 Boxer for the BAAINBW? and makes sense for the Triangular Divison Structure with a Single Jäger Bataillon per Brigade for Reserve and Rear Area Security
  7. @SH_MM How often do these recommendations get carried out?
  8. Link to the Budget Document? And maybe the important page numbers?
  9. so MaKaBo is financed? How much for how many? Anything else? JFST Boxer?
  10. "Same high performance as predecessor DM53"
  11. @MoritzPTKhttps://www.panzertruppe.com/detailansicht/eigentlich-schon-hinter-der-zeit.html So a source for the the 320 Leo 2s and which versions until 2030 "Die Panzertruppe wird ein 7. Bataillon aufstellen und die Zahl der KPz Leopard2 wird insgesamt um 95 erhöht. Von dann insgesamt 320 KPz sind 103 KPz Leo2 A7V, 48 KPz Leo2 A6M, 152 Leo2 A6 und 17 KPz Leo2 A5."
  12. Yeah the proposed umlaufreserve would be 49 Tanks. 44 for a bataillon and 5 more for the School.
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