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  1. Tank You
    Jamby got a reaction from LostCosmonaut in WoT v WT effort-thread   
    Update 1.87: Locked On
    Preliminary patch notes (requires sign-in):
    Dev. server vehicles:
    Pre-order packs:
    The Type 74 mod. G/Kai (also in a pack with the new JASDF Saber): https://warthunder.com/en/news/6067-development-shop-type-74-mod-g-kai-and-pre-order-of-the-japanese-packs-en F-86F-40 Sabre JASDF (also in a pack with the new Type 74 mod. G/Kai): https://store.gaijin.net/story.php?title=Pre-order_JASDF-Sabre-Pack Hawker Sea Hawk Mk.100 (also in a pack with the existing Leopard A1A1 L/44): https://store.gaijin.net/story.php?title=Pre-order_Sea-Hawk-Pack IAR 316B (also in a pack with the existing AMX-30): https://store.gaijin.net/story.php?title=Pre-order_IAR-316B-Pack S.O. 4050 Vautour IIA IDF/AF: https://store.gaijin.net/story.php?title=Pre-order_Vautour-IIA-Pack  
    Others (to be updated, pending dev. blogs):
    M1A1 Abrams JGSDF (only joking): https://i.redd.it/xcekyp19yaj21.png Mitsubishi T-2K: https://warthunder.com/en/news/6063-development-mitsubishi-t-2k-the-supersonic-stork-en M.D.460: https://preview.redd.it/hiazdmdqzaj21.png?width=960&crop=smart&auto=webp&s=4ed99eba9765c43ea7395fcf07c1060546153f0d KMS Nürnberg: https://warthunder.com/en/news/6075-development-kms-nürnberg-the-seasoned-sea-dog-en H-34 Choctaw: https://warthunder.com/en/news/6083-development-h-34-choctaw-a-worthy-start-en 2S6 "Tunguska": https://warthunder.com/en/news/6070-development-2s6-tunguska-better-together-en SA.316B Alouette III: https://warthunder.com/en/news/6062-development-sa-316b-alouette-iii-the-high-flying-skylark-en G.91YS: https://warthunder.com/en/news/6078-development-g-91ys-turning-and-burning-en  
    1. Ground battles (AB & RB) - Alaska.
    2. Naval battles (AB) - Coral Islands.
    3. Helicopter battles (AB) - [Enduring Confrontation] Vietnam.
    Radar is being rolled out. Later-tier vehicles with a collapsible antenna will fold and stow it when not in use: https://warthunder.com/en/news/6064-development-radar-station-new-opportunities-in-the-game-en
    Aircraft flight model & damage 'corrections' across the board.
    Economy changes: https://forum.warthunder.com/index.php?/topic/444333-economy-changes-in-update-187-“locked-on”/
    Squadron changes: https://warthunder.com/en/news/6081-development-squadron-activity-improvements-en
    Server maintenance: https://warthunder.com/en/news/6082-news-server-maintenance-05-03-2019-en
    USS Brooklyn: https://warthunder.com/en/news/6050-development-uss-brooklyn-more-means-more-en MiG-19S: https://warthunder.com/en/news/6047/current USS Somers (DD-381): https://warthunder.com/en/news/6042-development-uss-somers-dd-381-strength-in-numbers-en Challenger 2: https://warthunder.com/en/news/6035-development-challenger-2-and-rank-vii-armored-vehicles-en T-80U: https://warthunder.com/en/news/6051-development-t-80u-making-contact-en SM.92: https://warthunder.com/en/news/6056-development-sm-92-second-chance-for-a-second-tail-en Kirov light cruiser: https://warthunder.com/en/news/6055-development-kirov-light-cruiser-baltic-fleet-warrior-en SA.341F & SA.342M Gazelle: https://warthunder.com/en/news/6057-development-sa-341f-sa-342m-gazelle-light-hunter-en
  2. Tank You
    Jamby reacted to Xoon in The Psychology and Mental Health Thread   
    One thing I have been thinking about is how to help a suicidal person if they are actively been bought down by a close relatively like a parent or spouse, when you have no way to removing said individual. 
    On the pure mental, how ever much one tries to help the suicidal person, it is undone by the significant other, since they are more important in life then yourself. 
    For every plus you give to the person, they give them a bigger minus. And considering negatives are usually stronger than positives for the same action, you are working at a loss. 
  3. Metal
    Jamby reacted to Jeeps_Guns_Tanks in Could Sherman tanks still have some military use?   
    Sell them on the collector market, buy real tanks with proceeds! 
  4. Sad
    Jamby reacted to EnsignExpendable in The Soviet Tank Thread: Transversely Mounted 1000hp Engines   
    Tanks Encyclopedia strikes again!

    This was supposed to say ЧАПАЕВ (Chapayev), but it mysteriously morphed into ЧАИАЕБ (tea fucker).
  5. Tank You
    Jamby got a reaction from Jeeps_Guns_Tanks in The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)   
    Only brief excerpts in the past, I think, but I've just read what sounds like it: 
    I do enjoy Red Army accounts of the war; it's a shame they seem relatively rare compared to their contemporaries.
  6. Tank You
    Jamby got a reaction from Scolopax in The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)   
    I've seen turret number 936 before. The tank of Dmitry Fedorovich Loza, Hero of the Soviet Union?
    Him: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Dmitry_Loza
    Picture and unit: https://www.tapatalk.com/groups/missinglynx/sherman-m4a2-in-hungary-austria-t102439.html
    I never read his memoirs, though.
    Scrolling down this page: https://www.worldwarphotos.info/gallery/usa/tanks/sherman-tank/
    The SPG in the background looks like either an SU-85M or an SU-100, but I'm not sure at the angle of photo capture.
  7. Sad
    Jamby reacted to T___A in Celebrities that are now dead   
    Bruno Ganz, most famous for playing Hitler in downfall is dead:
  8. Metal
    Jamby reacted to LoooSeR in The M4 Sherman Tank Epic Information Thread.. (work in progress)   
    Red Army M4s

  9. Metal
    Jamby reacted to LostCosmonaut in Domesticated Foxes   
    Something I haven't seen discussed on this site before; Soviet/Russian efforts to domesticate foxes by breeding for domesticated behavior. Article in Scientific American here; https://blogs.scientificamerican.com/guest-blog/mans-new-best-friend-a-forgotten-russian-experiment-in-fox-domestication/
    Interesting that there were physical changes correlated with the behavioral changes the Russians bred for.

    Buy one for only $7,000! https://domesticatedsilverfox.weebly.com/aquiring-a-tame-fox.html

    (not entirely unlike a dog I guess)
    It seems like a pretty cool idea to drunk me, though I don't have a spare 7,000 dollars laying around (thanks student loans!). Also, I don't think my cat would approve.
  10. Tank You
    Jamby reacted to Jagdika in WWII Japanese Tanks in China   
    You are right, the Japanese is really fond of the Horstmann type suspension, Although they did not actually bought one of the foreign tank which use that suspension. To some extent the horizontal coil spring suspension largely used by the Japanese tanks was designed by themselves (Tomio Hara). From Type 94 Tankette (the first Japanese tank applied with that suspension) to the mighty Type 5 medium tank their suspension design are all similar. 
    Here is an overall picture of Type 97 medium tank's suspension:

    This is the initial suspension design (road wheel and spring arrangement) on Experimental Type 97 medium tank No.1. It comes basically straight from the standard Horstmann suspension
    Hope these will help  
  11. Tank You
    Jamby reacted to Collimatrix in Help me understand tank suspension   
    @EnsignExpendable wrote a bit about this some time ago.  Technology of Tanks does have a good summary of the matter, but it's such an expensive book that I recommend going straight to the piracy option and getting the shitty OCR version.  Ogorkiewicz's more recent Tanks: 100 Years of Evolution has a condensed, but far less detailed commentary on the development of tanks suspension.

    Here is my heavily editorialized summary of tank suspension:

    Tank suspension is what gives the track some "give" while the tank is moving at speed over rough terrain.  The main purpose of tank suspension is to keep the crew from being incapacitated by the tank shaking up and down while the tank is moving off-road.  It has some minor benefits to weapon and sight stabilization, but the technology of weapon and sight stabilization is so advanced at this point that it doesn't really matter today.

    The very first tanks had no suspension whatsoever; the entire run of the track was rigidly attached to the tank's hull.  This meant that there was no shock absorption whatsoever when these old tanks went over bumps, but this was basically acceptable because the first tanks were also very slow, and tended to poison their crews with carbon monoxide anyway.

    In the interwar period, tank suspension tended towards systems where several road wheels share a common spring element.  In some cases, four road wheels would be attached to a common leaf spring by  series of levers and balances.  More commonly, pairs of road wheels would share a common spring as in the HVSS and VVSS suspension of the Sherman, but also the bizarro longtitudinal torsion bar design in the Ferdinand.
    The interwar period also saw the first independent suspension systems.  In independent suspension each road wheel acts upon its own spring.  Independent suspensions give a better ride quality for the crew at high speed, but they suffer from greater pitching oscillation (nose of the tank rocking up and down) than the older-style suspension where pairs of road wheels share a common spring, especially at lower speeds.  Independent suspensions are also heavier.  Christie suspension is independent, as are the majority of torsion bar systems (the Soviets screwed around with some non-independent systems, and there was the Ferdinand).  The majority of tank designers switched from the older spring-sharing systems to the newer independent systems, as in the US T20 series of medium tanks where the M4 evolved into the M26 and lost its volute spring suspension for torsion bars.  The British went backwards and switched from the independent Christie suspension of Comet to the spring-sharing Horstmann suspension in Centurion.  This is because the British are bad at tank design, although Centurion was a decent tank once you ripped out the old engine and transmission and put an AVDS and Allison tranny in there.  The British would stay with the Horstmann suspension through Chieftain and until Challenger 1.  Again, Chieftain was generally a bad tank, and the British made the world's best tank in 1916, and have been trailing since then.
    The majority of publications will categorize tank suspension by what springing medium the swing arms are tensioned by.  This is completely stupid and conveys almost no useful information.  It doesn't tell me anything about the comparative automotive performance of the M60 vs the Pz. 68 to know that one has the swing arms tensioned by long, twisting rods of spring steel while the other tensions the arms with a stack of frisbee-shaped discs of spring steel.  The shape of the piece of steel being bent to absorb energy from the suspension elements is literally the least useful piece of information about the suspension performance.  More useful information would be the limits of the articulation of the swing arm, spring coefficients, swing arm length, damping coefficients, and unsprung mass of the suspension components.  Also useful would be the location of the center of mass of the tank relative to each of the road wheels and swing arms and its moment of inertia about the pitch axis.  But this more specific information is hard to come by.
  12. Tank You
    Jamby reacted to Jeeps_Guns_Tanks in Help me understand tank suspension   
    Only thing I can think of would be Technology of Tanks by Orgorkiewicz.  If you dig around, you can find a PDF of it online. 
  13. Tank You
    Jamby reacted to EnsignExpendable in StuG III Thread (and also other German vehicles I guess)   
    Now, we are all in agreement that the best tank the Germans built was the StuG III.

    But did you know that the Germans had other vehicles? It's true! You should talk about them here.
    Links you should click:
    Our Problem Child: Rossmum on the Panther tank
    Germany's White Elephant, a look at the Tiger tank in theory and practice
    Tiger II: A Royal Pain
    An overview of Germany's armour quality
  14. Funny
    Jamby reacted to Scolopax in The Star Wars General Discussion Thread   
  15. Tank You
    Jamby reacted to Toxn in Yushukan 2016: honoured heroes of honour   
    So on my recent trip to Japan (protip: don't fly for 19 hours with your kids), I took some time out from family to visit Yushukan museum.
    To bring you all up to speed, this place is the museum attached to the controversial shrine that Japan and China are in a perpetual snit over. The shrine itsef is actually pretty anodyne, if fairly imposing and charmless.


    The museum, however, is pretty fucking sinister. Anyway, I'm sure you didn't click this just to see me repost content, so here are my impressions.

    1. Revisionism deluxe
    If you've gotten the impression by now that this place has an agenda, you are absolutely correct. Japanese soldiers are always described in glowing terms ('honourable actions', 'noble warriors', 'honoured dead' etc.), war crimes are ignored whenever they aren't completely rewritten as laudable or necessary (Manchuria is described as an operation to bring regional stability, for instance) and the Emperor was a saint. It gets to the point of being almost admirably ballsy, such as the train from the Burma railway parked at the entrance without any comment whatsoever. Or when the brochure specifically highlights a Japanese flag signed by 25 of the most well-known ‘alleged’ war criminals as a key exhibit.


    In terms of the content of the museum, it is at pains to remind the viewer about Japan’s glorious martial past (glossing over the whole civil war aspect), how it was pushed into a hopeless war by the perdifery of the US/colonial powers, and how the noble sacrifice of its people/Emperor lead to... something, I guess? Sadly, a lot of the place is off-limits to cameras so I can’t show you some of the truly egregious stuff.

    Finally, the amount of memorialisation gets to sort of strange levels. There are statues, displays and plaques commemorating the brave souls who died in the war – including, and I can’t make this stuff up, a special statue depicting the sailors who died testing a suicide diving suit that the empire was working on in its final hours. There is an entire wing of the museum dedicated to photos and mementos of dead soldiers, sailors and airmen. There is also a section devoted to providing bibliographical accounts (including displays of uniforms and equipment) of the men – again eliding any reference to crimes or atrocities.

    2. Suicidepalooza

    Part of this focus on heroic struggle seems to be to include every possible reference to suicidal actions that it can. Every field gun displayed, for instance, helpfully included a note on how the crew had fought to the last man.


    This also extended to suicide weapons. The museum has an Ohka sitting up in the hall (which I wasn’t supposed to photograph, but did anyway), a Kaiten at the centre of the same room, a Shinyo sitting to the side and a model of Kairyu sitting next to it. Each helpfully notes the exact number of airmen/sailors who perished during testing or use.



    Finally, the Zero sitting in the entranceway and the Judy sitting in the hall both make mention of their later careers as planes intended for ‘special mission’ purposes. There was also an interview with one of the surviving kamikaze pilots playing on repeat in the main hall.


    My suspicion here is that the obsessive focus on suicide craft has some special meaning to the Japanese nationalists who effectively fund and run the place that I am unable to grasp. This is interesting, as I’ve generally found that the best possible way to get people to contemplate the insanity of total industrial warfare is to talk about Japanese suicide craft and the reasoning that went into their creation. Generally, once you’ve explained this stuff in detail to a person they’re, like, 50% of the way to either total pacifism or a wholehearted embrace of America’s post-war role as the most munificent empire in history.

    3. Odds and sods

    Every museum has some interesting little bits and pieces hidden away, and this one was no different. For me, it was seeing the astonishingly crude nature of pre-Edo bows (which were, sadly, verboten for purposes of photography). One of them was literally a bronze-capped branch (complete with copious knots) about 25mm in diameter at the handle and steamed into the familiar yumi shape. The others were various iterations of brutalist single-piece bowering, culminating in a square cross-section bow that looks like a direct ancestor of the modern Japanese bow.

    For the small arms nerds, there are a few machineguns and cannons to look at.



    There was also a single, lonely Chi-Ha to give the armour nerds some succour.


    Finally, outside of the museum there was an example of a weirdo-gun: a bronze cannon which was taken in an re-rifled at the end of its life.


    4. Conclusion

    All in all, I found the visit interesting but a bit ominous. Worse, I fear that this sort of thing is more portentous in terms of where Japan is headed than anyone wants to admit. I guess I can only hope that the country, which seems to be going through some sort of transition, doesn’t begin indulging in its worst tendencies again as pax Americana wanes.


  16. Tank You
    Jamby reacted to Oedipus Wreckx-n-Effect in United States Gun Control Megathread   
    There, I fixed it for you. 
    You shared it with the mobile designation still in the URL.
  17. Metal
    Jamby reacted to LoooSeR in What are we playing?   
    Recently i completed number of games made in ex-Soviet republics (Russia, Ukraine) such as Vivisector, Timeshift, currently going through Collapse and aim to re-play Cryostasis: Sleep of Reason. Add here a Metro 2033/Redux and Metro: Last light (all completed) and i am probably will do a general post about action games of this part of the world.
       But now - Vivisector, or Vivisector: Beast Inside, Beast Within.

       Shortly about a plot, so we can get to the game itself:

       Vivisector is a 2005 first person shooter that have oldschool genes and habits popping out almost everytime enemy appear on a screen, but tries to be modern in other parts of gameplay  - basically it is a mix of Serious Sam/Painkiller with a Far Cry. You start in a tropical enviroment and go through several different places/terrains, while fighting animal-human hybrids (primarily), with small amount of cutscenes time to time breaking the action and very few bosses. 

       During first 20-30 minutes Vivisector tries hard to look like some sort of Serious Sam knockoff - devs put you in a wide semi-open "corridor" of jungles where they literally trap you in a cages periodically and forces to fight in those arenas against first generaltion of modified animals that spawns 20 meters or less from you (they are just animals with weapons glued to them or surgically put inside like tigers with flamethrowers mounted in their mouths teleported right next to player_1 tasty limbs).

       Eash such section is a little bit unique as each time designers add something to those cages, like firerings with cool items in them, with number of lions trapped with a player, firing energy balls at you and running around (so you jump on a lion, ride it until get close to a ring on fire with something cool like M-60 covered in blood and jump through that ring to pick up that cool item) until one of last of them is multi-stage fight with several cages opening after certain stage of fight is completed and last cage moving up into the trees and open a hatch to jump out of it on a tree nearby to dodge flames from tigers on the ground trying to make a human fry out of you.

       After those sections game no loger use those cages/traps and fights/enemy spawns become more organic, without those theatrical performances with cages, arenas created by leaked burning fuel and so on. Main hero goes through jungles, factories and labs, tunnels, mines, diffierent facilities in mountains, fighting with creations of local Dr Nutso and soldiers of General McMilitary, while being guided by a completely uninteresting and pretension plot (devs hired a well-known Russian celebrities and theatrical actors to voice characters). 



       For 2005 graphics of this game were pretty bad compared to Doom 3, HL2 and Far Cry (all of which were released in 2004), but today it doesn't really mater as game became one of those "one from old times". Technically it is nothing interesting.

       But there is something were Vivisector gets points back - it is art direction\level design. At first player see just standart jungle-like enviroment that looks like it was taken from one of those old Delta tactical/military shooters.

       But after that level designer decided that he is too bored and started to make some not-bad looking and memorable enviroments.

       Gaint walls that go through big part of a map? Yes. Gaint trains that have size of a skyscraper but put on the side with attached train wheels? Yes! There are many more, but it is better to see them in-game, because graphics is not good, screenshots are not representative.  

       This transforms enviroments from totally bland into rather interesting too behold and i was interestind too see what level designers will do in the next map/mission.
       Vivisector have no reloading of guns, you always run at max speed (not counting upgrades), killing enemies give you health, single/low level enemies with "hitscan" weapons are easy to kill (you can just walk to them bouncing bullets from your steel chest with a knife in hands while laughing and just 1 or 2 hit them with said knife). Sounds familiar?


       This is what Vivisector gameplay is about when you fight low and mid-level monsters. Fights against high-level enemies (Overbeast/Overbrutes IIRC) are less "meaty" and more cover-centered.
       There is a upgrade mechanics that you can use to boost health, resistance to damage, accuracy and speed of your avatar, points are given for finding secrets and for being utterly crazy mothefucker (dealing critical damage to enemy corps in short amount of time after their death gives points - "fatality", multiply kills gives points and so on). Devs want you to not just shoot non-stop, but to continue to fill enemies with shower of bullet during their death animation as well! 
       Murdering monsters and humans in Vivisector is a little less bland that in most B-games thanks to their mechanics that allow to remove flesh and some parts from bodies. And this system is dymanic - holes are generated in real time and are not pre-made pieces that you can shoot out (not counting equipment on bodies like helmets and visors). It also matters for point system - shooting killed enemies give a lot of points, but hits to bones/places that were already damaged don't count.



       You also can shoot weapons from hands of those animal-humanoids to leave tham only with their claws. I wish this system was developed futher, so you could damage some internal mechanism on bigger enemies. Interestingly enough, this gore system makes shooting feels more impactfull (as it leaves traces on their bodies like giant gaping holes in their stomachs).
       Essentially game whants you to sprint around and fire your MG/AR endlessly at enemies until they will become a colander while throwing many points at you. I approve.

       Same system is also applied to boxes with ammo and health - you need to poke a hole in them to get what you want. And if you (or enemies) use those boxes/crates as cover, you (and enemies) can shoot them enough until both sides of those crates have holes big enough to shoot trough them without problem, so Vivisector at times have destructable cover (devs in some levels intentionally put enemies behind such boxes).
       AI and enemies.
       AI is at bare minimum in this FPS. Enemies sometimes strafe left-right trying to dodge fire, sometimes lay on the ground/crouch and that is all. It is not bad for a animal enemies, but when tactical soldiers shouting tactically in their radios some tactics, it is becoming disappointing. After first stage of the Vivisector is completed, spawns switch from arena- teleportation right next to you to more bland trigger-based, spawning scripted amounts of enemies from behind corners, next rooms and so on like in some sort of Call of Duty.
       Monsters variety is pretty good - 3 levels of creatures - animals with mods, Humanoid-furries, Overbrutes. Some are flying, some are big ass bears with tank gun on top of them, some are Tactical furry wolfs with HMGs.

       Sometimes enemies are humans, but they are mostly boring.
       Vivisector is B-level FPS that tries to annoy you in first 20 minutes, but after you get to Rams (with shotguns) base in mountains, game opens up and start to be creative with enviroments, game mechanics start to work (upgrades are becoming viable, double barrel shotgun and M-60 helps a lot with point grind) and this is where a bland and boring gameplay start to go away (at least for me). Try to get M-60 as early as you can (during that section with lions in arena with firerings), this gun really changes how game feels, which was surprise for me. I guess much higher damage per shot and 300 round belt gives you ability to shower yourself in upgrade points and mow down furries like in a scene of Animal Mother charge from Full Metal Jacket, but with concrete walls of building are replaced by Furries chests. Later devs give you PPSh for maximum communism spreading, and upgrade M-60 to sci-fi rapid fire HMG that fire at least 5 bullets per mouse click because reasons.
       I had fun with it, wish for a second, but with much better engine and budget. Next game of Action Forms - Cryostasis: Sleep of reason, showed that they could get into better graphics and better engine. Recommend to play it if you are in the mood for obscure old-school/old FPS with few interesting things going for it, can ignore uninteresting plot (game allow to skip cutscenes) and bored with some of modern sterile FPS designed by accounting department with team of 100s of people. Vivisector does feel like hand-made action by relatively small amount of devs and have a momentum and even a drive in combat parts. I played on maximum difficulty, but I was replaying it, so normal should be good for newcomers.
  18. Funny
    Jamby reacted to Vanagandr in What are we playing?   
    With my comp spending a ton of resources on updating I can finally read loading screen quotes from HoI4
    "No enemy bomber can reach the Ruhr. If one reaches the Ruhr, my name is not Göring. You may call me Meyer."
    -Hermann Mayer

  19. Tank You
    Jamby reacted to LoooSeR in Historical Pictures Thread   
  20. Tank You
    Jamby reacted to Jagdika in WWII Japanese Tanks in China   
    All photos were taken by myself in year 2016 during my visit to Beijing. Tanks are from the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution and the Tank Museum(currently closed). Enjoy.
    No.1: Type 94 Light armored car (Tankette) in the Tank Museum

    This is the early version of the Type 94 Tankette. It was found in a river in 1970s. It is the best preserved Type 94 Tankette in the world.
    No.2: Type 97 Medium Tank in the Tank Museum


    This is a late version Type 97 medium tank. It carries the old small 57mm gun turret but has the revised engine ventilation port. This tank was donated by the Soviet 7th mechanized division  before they withdrew from China in 1955.
    No.3: Type 97 Medium Tank Kai in the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution


      This Type 97 Medium Tank Kai's combat serial number is 102. It belonged to the former China North-East tank regiment. It took part in the attack of Jinzhou against KMT army on 1948-9-14, and did great contribution for knocking out their bunkers and MG nests by shooting and ramming. Thus after the battle this tank was awarded with an honored name:"The Hero(功臣号)“ About the tank itself, it was assembled by the Chinese army themselves by using destroyed or damaged Chi-Ha parts after the surrender of Japan. This particular tank was built up with a normal Type 97's chassis(57mm gun version) early model, and a Type 97 Kai's Shinhoto(New turret for the 47mm gun). However there are other saying claim that this tank was modified by the Japanese. It was the first tank that roared over the Tiananmen Square during the Founding Ceremony of China on 1949-10-1.

    The same tank on 1949-10-1. China's tank army origins from old IJA tanks.
    No.4: Type 97 Medium Tank in the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution

    Sorry, only one photo was taken. This Type 97 Medium Tank has a chassis from Type 97 Medium Tank Kai and a turret from a normal Type 97 Medium Tank. It was merged together by the Chinese army.
    No.5: Type 95 Armored Track(Train track) Vehicle in the Military Museum of the Chinese People's Revolution

    Only two samples survived. One is in China here and one is in Kubinka, Russia (Maybe now it is transfered to the Patriot Park? I don't know).
    Hope you enjoy the photos I took! No repost to other places without my permission.
  21. Tank You
    Jamby reacted to Walter_Sobchak in Books About Tanks   
  22. Tank You
    Jamby reacted to LostCosmonaut in Hi, I'm MrCatKK and I cannot Post   
    Since you asked, no, this is not actually communism. Per google, communism is;

    There has been remarkably little discussion of politics, economics, or the division between classes in this thread. However, if you want to talk about that, I can put you in contact with some members of this site who know more about communism and similar theories than I do.
    Hope this helps!
  23. Funny
    Jamby reacted to LostCosmonaut in Hi, I'm MrCatKK and I cannot Post   
    Actually, he's increasing the noise/signal ratio.
    Pedant-man away!
  24. Tank You
    Jamby reacted to LostCosmonaut in Killing Pluto   
    Pluto has roughly the same surface area as Russia. Assuming that the American Minuteman III arsenal would be enough to "kill" something the size of Russia (Pluto has much less defenses than Russia, and their targets are probably less hardened against military attack), then we need 450 W87 warheads, which weigh about 250 kg each (I don't know the exact number). In other words,  112500 kg of warheads.
    The New Horizons probe weighed 478 kg and was launched on an Atlas V 551. 478 is pretty close to 250*2, so I'm going to say each Atlas V 551 can put two warheads on a Pluto intercept trajectory. This means we would need 225 Atlas Vs.
    74 Atlas Vs have been launched since 2002, just over 4.5 per year. However, given sufficient incentives and/or money, I'm going to conservatively assume ULA could double the production rate, to 9 rockets a year. Therefore, using the Atlas V, there are 225/9 = 25 years until we have enough rockets to kill Pluto. Add in the 9.5 year transit time (from the New Horizons mission), and if we start today, we could cleanse Pluto of life by the year 2043.
    With other rockets, like Falcon Heavy, SLS, or BFR, it's probable that we could throw more warheads per launch and reduce the number of rockets needed. However, the production rates of these launch vehicles, as well as their performance on a trans-Plutonian trajectory, is unknown. If we decide to go with something like an Orion drive that could get to Pluto quicker (and drop sufficient warheads in one go), we need to factor in research+development time, and I am not an expert at those sorts of things.
    For a more extreme case, if we want to completely erase Pluto from existence, it will be harder. Pluto has a mass of 1.31*10^22 kg. To disperse this mass, I will assume we need to accelerate it to Pluto's escape velocity. From wiki, escape velocity is given by the following formula;

    (side note, I'm going to say r is the radius where half the volume of Pluto is outside that radius. This is (1/2)^(1/3) times Pluto's radius, which is .7397*1188 km = 878.8 km = 8.788*10^5 m).
    Solving for escape velocity, we find that the escape velocity is 1410 m/s. Therefore, the kinetic energy needed is .5 * 1.31*10^22 kg * (1410 m/s)^2 = 1.30*10^28 J. According to the Atomic Rockets page, the Sun puts out 3.9*10^26 J per second (watts). Therefore, we need to harness 33 seconds of the Sun's output and focus it simultaneously on Pluto. This is well beyond the technical capabilites of our civilization at the present time.
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    No idea if this is relevant to the thread but here are some 76 mm gun reports from January
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