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Historical Pictures Thread

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Galleries of historical images often make the Imgur front page, and even if the text descriptions are not always 100% correct, they still are very interesting. I have decided to consolidate the historical picture threads here. Feel free to post stuff not on Imgur, of course.

4-year-old Slick Willie:



French opium parties. I imagine the world got much more exciting when people discovered cocaine:



US memorial ceremony for those killed in the Hindenburg accident:



The Looney Toons Roadrunner/Wile. E. Coyote formula:


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I saw someone in Off Topic posted a link to National Review that had a photo montage of the Battle of Okinawa.


Sure enough, they included the photo of my great uncle "Bud" Hocking who is the tall and gangly BAR man on the left.




And of course the Hocking cheekbones which all of the men in my family have.


Sadly, Uncle Bud didn't survive the battle and - according to family lore - was shot by a "sniper" at Shuri Castle. A few months earlier, Bud was detailed as one of the Marines in President Roosevelt's funeral train honor guard since he was so tall and looked handsome in his uniform. And it was all unfair considering the war was already lost to everyone except the madmen running Japan. His mother saw this photo in one of news magazines of the day (I can't remember which one) and it became a family heirloom since it was the last photo of her favorite son which she never really quite got over.


He's buried at Washelli Cemetary here in Seattle. We try to visit him on Memorial Day when he have the chance.

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1930%2BAmerican%2BGothic%2Bb.jpgThe man is my great uncle McKeeby, whom I knew as Uncle Byron when we visited his grave.  


My Great Great Uncle is standing next to the trophy.  He was the nut in our family and was constantly agitating for open marriage laws and annexation of the Philippines as a state.  

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Well since it's historic, on this day in the 7th century in Imperial China under yet another civil war, Prince Li Shimin of the Tang Dynasty would decimate the Xia army, capture the city of Luoyang, and set himself up to ultimately become the next emperor, taking the name Emperor Taizong of Tang upon his coronation.



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He left 90% of them alive? Weak


Taking half of an enemies army captive after routing them when they outnumber you over 2.5 to 1 (5 to 1 if you count that up to half of his own army wasn't even in Luoyang at the time of the battle) is a pretty good win in my book.

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Venezuelan soldier clutches at a priest during the El Porteñazo uprising June 4, 1962. Not a religious man, but i always liked this photo


A couple sharing an intimate moment in Kraków, Poland in 1970. Good ol days


Sandinista barricade during last days of fighting in Matagalpa, Nicaragua, 1979



Two Soviet officers resting near road with glasses of alcohol and shooting the breeze. Circa 1945. 



M-36 doing M-36 things. Dec. 16 1944


A dog walking through the rubble in the Basque city of Gernika/Guernica after the bombings, late April 1937 


Commandos of No. 4 Commando, 1st Special Service Brigade, aboard a LCI(S) landing craft on their approach to Queen Red beach, Sword area, 6th June 1944. 



Member of 16th Recon Co., 1st Cavalry Div., sets fuses on daisy chain of anti-tank mines in Korea, Nov. 10, 1951


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