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Historical Pictures Thread

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Here's a pic from a M4A2 I read about on Tank and AFV News Edit, after finding better pics, this is an M4A3. 




This pic got me curious, it's a very early direct vision Sherman. This made me doubt it would be an M4A2, since most went to the Brits and Russians. It would be interesting to see the history on the tank. Pics from behind confirm it's a A2, you can never trust placards or news stories. You can just see the top of the DV port behind the welded plates on the drivers hoods.  You can also see it only got one side of the weld on mantlet extension and the Co-ax side is still bare.  So this tank got some of the armor updates but not all, making it seem more likely it was a ZI training tank. 


Edit: On closer examination, it's not a DV tank, and has the hoods that had it cast out and a periscope mount put in. Still a early production tank unless a slightly later turret was swapped on at some point. 



Walt posted a better gallery of this tank, and its an M4A3, still later early productions, but the exhaust and rear engine deck are M4A3 for sure. 




I cant beleive I missed it the first few times.  The combo of exhaustion from 10 hour work days, and getting old is taking its toll on my already addled noggin. 

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A few shots of a Matilda, Char B1 and a Renault FT I took at the Musée de l'Armée in Paris last monday. Just got back today. 

They also had PZII ausf F and  SOMUA S35 turrets as well as a number of other weapon systems from all the warring faction in the WWII section of the museum but the sign was "no photos", so i left my wife sitting outside with my camera (even though everyone was taking pictures anyway) 









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I seem to recall hearing somewhere that the gaudy Matilda camo that's now famous was actually the product of incorrect interpretation of black-and-white photos by restorers sometime post-war, and that the actual color was (sensibly) more muted.

Anyone wanna shed any light on this?

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A new photograph of the outlaw Billy the Kid has supposedly been found and verified.






The tintype shows what is believed to be Billy the Kid and his gang, The Regulators, playing croquet in New Mexico in 1878. The picture was discovered in a "junk store" and was purchased for $2. They say that this photo could be worth millions.


As always, I'm skeptical and will wait until this is fisked more.

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