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  1. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- The Royal Artillery has been severely neglected since the Cold War ended. Most of the upgrade/procurement programmes were cancelled and in a counter-insurgency world has tried to stay relevant by focusing on UAVs. There are only 5 MAMBA, it was used along with another system called COBRA but they're replacement (latest ARTHUR) never materialised. COOBRA went out-of-service and MAMBA only has a few years left.
  2. Korean Next Generation Main Battle Tank: PL-01 Returns
  3. Are single-bidder competitions allowed in the US? I know in UK and Canada they have to be restarted/cancelled.
  4. Seems like a minor issue. An extension will almost certainly be granted.
  5. Driving ban for Dutch Boxer 8x8 https://www.snafu-solomon.com/2019/10/driving-ban-for-boxer-8x8-infantry.html
  6. To trick the Czechs into buying KF31s thinking they would get KF41s. Honestly, with the Czech competition I've only been keeping up on the ASCOD and Puma bids. They seem the most interesting and likely to be selected.
  7. Yes. It's length reduced with 6-pair road wheels. The Griffin II hull is also not as tall with a lower-profile.
  8. RBSL CR2 demonstrator shown to Prime Minister and Defence Secretary. Second time it's been shown to high ranking government officials. Previously it was at a UK-Germany defence meeting.
  9. There's also this photo which shows the turret may have a lightening cut at the front:
  10. Yes. Hence K-31. Sound familiar. I had hoped UK industry had changed. Sad!
  11. Seems harsh. All were developed within a few years of each other; all descended from a previous iteration. Notably the AS-21 (K-31) exists because the K-21 disappointed. Can't help but feel that Ajax being a relatively mature and proven platform worked against it. Aussies chasing after the shiny new thing.
  12. https://www.australiandefence.com.au/news/the-reasons-behind-the-land-400-phase-3-decision Not elaborated on but an interesting statement.
  13. They received government funding. It's the price you pay to keep the illusion of a competition. Neither did Lockheed-Martin UK. 10 years later we're still waiting for WCSP. Rheinmetall seem to have a good relationship with Supacat and the Newcastle factory where Challenger 2 was built is now owned by the Reece Group (Pearson Engineering) who they're working with on Boxer. BAE-GD offer is at best a last resort. BAE systems bought the companies that built those things BAE is a scam of a company but uses its massive influence (BAE is an aerospace giant and much of the UK's economy is aerospace based) within the Government to get contracts. "Anyone but BAE" is the mantra of the MoD. RBSL joint venture is the result of BAE finally accepting that they will never win a "competed" contract, jumping on Rheinmetalls popularity within the Army and keeping other defence giants out of the UK market. For Rheinmetall they benefit from BAE's influence and their focus on Land systems won't cause problems with BAE's dominance in Aerospace. Army and GD fell out. Army used to like American companies but is now enamoured with German and Israeli stuff. No. It was thought to happen at DSEI.
  14. The toilet is under the loaders seat. BV is a requirement for British AFVs. I doubt it's been totally removed. The BAE-GD offer was never a real option. Competitions in the British Army are largely pre-determined and the final results twisted to reaffirm the decision. The Rheinmetall offer was always going to be selected. Although this hasn't been made official yet. --------------------------------------------------------------------
  15. Looks better. Not joking. Also armour modules get bolted onto the turret sides when on operation.
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