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Anti-air thread: Everything that goes up must come down, and we'll help you go down


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Saudis managed to intecept one of Houthis missiles. Repost from Yemen thread.


Reports of a ballistic missile intercepted over Khamis Mushait this morning

Video link



The missile after being intercepted. appears to be a modified SAM2. Love the Saudis with the phone cams -via @g9gg9g




The intercepted missile as it drops to the ground

Video link

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3 days ago Israeli army AA system tried to intercept unknown UAV, that penetrated to Israel airspace over Cfata region from Syria and managed to go 4 km deep into it. 2 Patriot missiles didn;t managed to hit target, an air-to-air missile launch was also reported. UAV flyed back to Syrian airspace.


Press service of the IDF reported that the IDF Air Force conducted surveillance of the object before it entered Israeli airspace. After crossing the border 3 attempts to shot down it did not 




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LoooSer, I heard that the Pantsir-S1 is being upgraded to be able to intercept artillery shells and or MLRS rockets, confirm/deny?

Technically it could this now (not sure about artillery, but ATGMs from helicopters were in the list of targets to intercept by Pantsir-S1).

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   Unofficial facebook page "Egyptian Armed Forces" posted those pictures of Buk-M3, that was shown in closed part of Army 2016 expo.




   Armed with 9M317M missiles (6 or 12 per TEL) this AA system (conists of several different vehicles and 2+ TEL per unit) is planned to be put in serive until end of 2016. Buk-M3 can intercept targets ranges 2.5 km to 70km, 15 meters from the ground up to 35 km with speed up to 3 km/s.



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