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Tech Industry Fails

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Rainbow Six: Siege did the same, I think they fixed it but I'm not sure. R6S also had horrible lag comp, if you played at like 200 ms ping your hitbox trailed about half a second behind you, but your gun didn't. You could peek around a corner, kill someone and pull back and the dude you'd kill would never even see you. He'd just... die. But that has been mostly fixed.

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I missed this saga when it was ongoing, which makes me sad.  Because it's very funny.

Apparently there was a company called Juicero that was making a $699 juicer (with subsequent revisions to the business model dropping this to a practically trivial $400) that required an internet connection.  Not only that; this thing wasn't even actually a juicer.  You see, it didn't masticate and filter various fruits and vegetables to extract the juice from them.  Instead it squeezed juice out of proprietary juice-filled packs, and only out of those packs, as they were equipped with chips to keep customers from inserting third-party juice packs just like printer cartridges!


As if that weren't derpy enough, it was actually possible to squeeze the juice out of the packs without the help of the Juicero "juicer."  This made the purpose of the expensive gadget even more opaque.

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1 minute ago, Collimatrix said:


I've actually seen an Iridium phone.  There is, or was, a cult following among backpackers.

I'm sure they were great for that.  Definitely belongs in this thread, though.


My father packed an old motorola bag phone. Which, as low-tech as it was, saw a lot of boating accidents and was run over a few times. Never stopped ticking. Ranchers in Texas fought and fought Motorola to keep the bag phone network going, because the cell phones of the time had bad batteries and shitty service.

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I have trouble feeling the same mix of pity and contempt for Iridium as I do for something like Juicero.  Iridium actually worked as advertised, and a lot of hard work went into getting it right.  It simply had the misfortune of emerging at the same time as the first digital cell phones, which did almost the same thing but much less expensively.  I don't think they could have known it would happen that way, so they took the risk and lost.  Happens with most businesses.


Something like Juicero is self-evidently stupid from the start.  The fact that it wasn't a scam makes it even more pathetic.

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