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Is here anybody from "thesovietarmourblog"?


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Sorry, is here somebody from https://thesovietarmourblog.blogspot.com/2017/ ?

I like this blog but whit some statsment hard to agree -but Im not pretend to have absosolut knowledge so I just wanto to discus some thesis about the soviet armour put there.


For example this:


Circular markings are visible in the photo below.

These are filler plugs. Evidently, "Kvartz" is poured into the armour cavity after the cheeks are cast. This is another good foundation to rule out sand as the filler substance, as there would be no need to pour sand into the cavity because sand is used in chill casting molds and it would not be necessary to remove the sand used in the casting process. The filler plugs may hint that a liquid was injected into the cavity where it takes the shape of the cavity and cools, but the injection of thermoplastics or some other molten substance is ruled out by the fact that the filler appears flaky or granulated when a cross section of the turret cheek was cut.


No, it's not.

Kvartz in T-72A and T-72M1 turrets pretend to be not solid, sand, or liquid but somethink known as sintered quartz. And it's definetly not put AFTER casting but before.

Firstly  sintered quartz ( quartz sinter) is formed - but whit 3 thick reinforcing bars  -then both "kvartz insert" are put to cast form and mounted there by this reinforcing bars  -then cast is formed and after taking whole turret those bars are just cut above turret roof line. And thats all.

It's look like this (sory for my amateur draw)



After very havey shelling sometimes this reinforcing bars are "jumping" above roof line -like in Meppen T-72M1 or other hit many times whit penetration in to "kvartz special armour". :






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Yeah. Dude told me to kill myself after he couldn't 'win' an argument with me. Said all kinds of silly things about me, mainly about how I knew jack shit. So I kindly asked him why he was using me as a source on his blog. Sadly he was just banned when I said that.



But he did remove me as a source from his website! :D

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How did I miss that. 


Drapes didn't seem to be like that at all when I talked to him. I was an unofficial contributor to his site for a few months before I just got busy and lost interest. That information would be from him if I had to guess.



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34 minutes ago, Akula_941 said:

object432 has the similar support structure.

I made a huge mistake, the mark on object 432 are not support structure at all, it simly just a fill inlet.

I‘ve asked Alexei Klopotov and such 'reinforcement bar' were unheared by him. 

If that marking on the top of the turret is 'filler plugs' , i think it is believable.

well...no actual document or assembly drawings....

maybe we have to call @Andrei_bt to help

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6 hours ago, Akula_941 said:

the guy who wrote Tankograd?hmm



object432 has the similar support structure.but i'm not so familiar about the actual sequence of casting and product in detail.








It's head or lost head; feeder

You can read an article on this - http://btvt.info/5library/vbtt_1969_01_bashnja.htm

maybe translation will help (in russian)


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