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Saudi Arabia to begin operations in Yemen


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   On the night of Saturday to Sunday, the Yemeni Houthis launched a new series of strikes with the help of ballistic and cruise missiles, as well as kamikaze drones, on strategic targets in Saudi Arabia under the name Operation Blockade Break-2. Notable targets include the Saudi oil refinery in Yanbu, which has already reported a temporary reduction in production due to this, the facilities of the Saudi oil company Saudi Aramco in Jizan, Jeddah, etc.
   Against the backdrop of what is happening, Saudi Arabia has said that it is not responsible for any disruption in the supply of oil to world markets in light of the recent attacks by the Yemeni Iranian-backed Houthis on Saudi oil facilities.

   It seems that the current Houthi strikes against the Saudi oil industry turned out to be very timely for us, given the frantic attempts by the United States and Europe to increase oil supplies and bring down oil prices. 

I have a suspicion that timing was not just coincidence.

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War is starting to move to end, i hope.


Truce between the Houthis and the Saudi-led coalition

The two-month break agreement will enter into force on Saturday at 19:00 local time and can be extended with the consent of both parties.

The concluded agreements imply the following:

🔹Cessation of any offensive military operations and cross-border attacks.

🔹 Permission for ships to enter the port of Al-Khodeida in Yemen for refueling.

🔹Resumption of commercial flights on predetermined routes. 


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   On April 15, 2021, the Houthis destroyed a Patriot air defense missile launcher in southern Saudi Arabia with a kamikaze drone strike. Actual satellite images have appeared only now.

The Patriot position area was attacked in the northern part of the city of Jizan, coordinates: 16.983676, 42.547947 As a result of the strike, at least one installation was completely destroyed.

   Official from the Houthis, posted 12 hours after the strike:
- The Missile Forces and the Air Force conducted a joint offensive operation using 11 missiles and drones, targeting Aramco platforms, Patriot complexes and sensitive targets in Jizan.
- Patriot positions and bases were attacked by four Samad 3 and Qasef 2K drones, the hit was accurate.

   And an interesting point: the Saudi media almost immediately began to accuse the Houthis of attacking the university campus, which is actually located 2 km south of the attacked position area.




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