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Saudi Arabia: MOAR AMMO PLZ!


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Umm,  Ok, I can follow it all except for the HEAT-T for the AMX-30 tanks.  105mm for M-60s sounds reasonable - they use the L7 (M-whatever in US service) but the French 105mm is, I thought completely different.  And why would it be manufactured in the US of A?  Interesting.



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I think that the French Modele F1 105mm may have dimensionally identical ammunition with L7/M68.  According to Tony Williams, Sturgeon's nemees, that is the case.


This doesn't mean that you can use all types of ammunition in both guns, if this is true.  APDS and HE for the L7 would tumble when fired from the French weapon because the French weapon has a far slower rifling twist rate, and thus wouldn't stabilize it correctly.  Firing Obus-G out of the L7 wouldn't work well either; it would spin too fast.


However, fin-stabilized rounds with slip bands might well work in either gun.

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