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The Saudi Arabia is a Backwards, Laughable Shithole Thread


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It occurred to me, while reading LoooSeR's account of how a bunch of peasants are clobbering the expensive Saudi military, that perhaps it was time to take a good, hard look at the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.  What a vibrant and wonderful country!


Saudi Arabia leads the world in incest:





Saudi Clerics have novel theories of science.


They have a diversified, modern economy, which is definitely not unstable:




Including a booming agricultural sector!


What a swell place, with enlightened views on women!

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I'd forgotten about that; this is the twenty first century and they're still executing people for witchcraft.  They're cartoonishly evil and stupid.

I mean, when ISIS and Saudi Arabia fight, who do you cheer for?  If only I didn't strongly suspect that the House of Saud has access to Pakistani nukes.


Edit:  The from wikipedia.


The use of public beheading or stoning as the methods of capital punishment and the number of executions have attracted strong international criticism.[33] Several executions, particularly of foreign workers have sparked international outcries. In June 2011 Ruyati binti Satubi, an Indonesian maid, was beheaded for killing her employer's wife, reportedly after years of abuse.[34][35] A video of the execution, posted online, drew extensive criticism.[36] In September 2011, a Sudanese migrant worker was beheaded for sorcery,[37] an execution which Amnesty International condemned as "appalling".[38] In January 2013 a Sri Lankan maid named Rizana Nafeek was beheaded after she was convicted of murdering a child under her care, an occurrence which she attributed to the infant choking. The execution drew international condemnation of the government's practises,[39] and led Sri Lanka to recall its ambassador.[40] These are not isolated cases. According to figures by Amnesty International, in 2010 at least 27 migrant workers were executed and, as of January 2013, more than 45 foreign maids were on death row awaiting execution.[41]


Welp.  Definitely do not want to send anyone I know there to work as a nanny or a maid...

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Saudi Arabia has the second highest rate of birth defects behind Sudan, that may or may not be related to the incest thing. 


Saudi Arabia also gives the CSA a run for its money on how racist it can be. Africans and East Asians are regarded as disposable workers who need naught be paid and are denied rights just like women. Hundreds of workers die each year in harsh conditions and their deaths are swept under the rug with no consequences. Saudi Arabia didn't abolish slavery in 1962. 

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I mean, when ISIS and Saudi Arabia fight, who do you cheer for?  If only I didn't strongly suspect that the House of Saud has access to Pakistani nukes.





I want to make this absolutely clear; the only sane and humane course of action is to support the House of Saud against IS at this point.


Saudi Arabia publicly executes something like a hundred people annually.  For the Islamic State a hundred beheadings is a slow weekday afternoon.


Saudi Arabia intermittently persecutes and attempts to force conversions of the 15% or so of the population that is Shiite.  IS would just kill them all.


The House of Saud presides over a justice system where men abusing their wives is ignored with a wink and a nod.  IS has loud, public rhetoric about how Yezidi women will be taken as sex slaves and passed around executed if they fail to please, and they announce this in an attempt to attract foreign fighters to their cause.


See the pattern?  As wretched and awful as Saudi Arabia is, IS is very clearly worse.  Moreover, IS came to power because of a power vacuum in Iraq; a power vacuum that occurred because the US had taken it upon themselves to eliminate a government there that was without and doubt, completely wretched and awful.  Until the US gets better at forming replacement governments imperialism, knocking over bad governments is just going to cause them to be replaced by much worse, in the long run.


So as bad as Saudi Arabia is, it's what the world is stuck with.  If the world gets lucky.

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The ridiculous list of "what not to do" booklet I got when I was there during a deployment was fucking hysterical.  I'm going to poke around in my storage trunk and see if I still have it. Backwards isn't even a strong enough word to accurately describe that place. 

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