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Saudi Arabia to begin operations in Yemen


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I wonder if it was the metis-m, the thing can probably punch through a Challenger 2 


but even the base metis can make sort work of a LAV from the side, i believe we actually gave some to the East Germans if i am not mistaken


great photos

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AQAP's leader was killed last friday in a drone strike. I guess that's good news, but with decapitation of terrorist groups the next guy in line is usually more than willing to pick up the slack and do more terrorist activity. 


ISIS has also claimed 4 car bomb attacks in Sanaa(2 against Shia mosques which is more of an ISIS trademark than an AQ one) which isn't good news at all. A possible merger between AQAP and ISIS seems more plausible as we see more ISIS presence in Yemen. 

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According to French "Intelligence Online", missiles strike on 6th of June this year was done with help of Iranian Intelligence and Security Service ("Wewak"), "Khamis Mushait" base was target of missile attack. On that day, about 12 R-17 missiles were launched.


According to newsletter sources Patriot SAM batteries managed to intercept only three missiles. During this operation Chief of Staff of the Air Force of Saudi Arabia Mohammad al-Shaalan was killed.


In mid-May a Youtube video was posted in which launcher vehicle 9P117 of the 9K72 missile system was shown on a trailer, moving in the direction of the border with Saudi Arabia.


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M60s... Saudis bought so much of new weapons, but use those old museums-grade tanks like M60s.


SA border guards towers under attack






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