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Saudi Arabia to begin operations in Yemen


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Looks like it got whacked in the side so I don't even think an American model would withstand the hit.

I will just copy my post from T110


   Also, video shows one thing (2nd tank) - turret busked with ammo make hull-down to be much less effective. Small rotation of turret reveal this part of turret for any fire, which is what Ansar Allakh ATGM operator managed to exploit (or was lucky to exploit). Basically, turret design compromise hull down tactics, allowing even for ancient ATGMs like Fagot (1970) and Konkurs (1974) to knock out of battle a pretty modern MBTs like M1A2SA. Fagot launcher can use Konkurs missiles, but both missiles are claimed to have 400-500 mm penetration. PG-29VR is over 700 mm, Kornet (old) - 1100, new version is up to 1300-1500 mm. 








Trajectory was something like this, maybe a bit closer to turret rear.


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Those are M1A2SA Abrams tanks, export version, generally same as US M1A2, but without Holy DU/ceramics in frontal armor. 

AFAIK Saudi Arabia got a special armor package that is probably more effective than the others, excluding the DU. 

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Site that count all AFV losses based on photo or video evidence. It was started for Ukrainian Civil War, counting lost tanks and IFV/APCs, now they introduced Yemen conflict as well. 


To this moment site added Saudi Arabia's 4 M2 Bradley IFVs and 4 M1A2S Abrams tanks.

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45 dead UAE soldiers, 5 killed soldiers from Bahrain and 33 from other groups, including from Yemen. Rumors are saying that out of those 33, ~20 were from Saudi Arabia.







Yemen TV channel Al-Masira showed moment of Tochka launch:


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