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Saudi Arabia to begin operations in Yemen


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"Saudi Arabia army analyzes the reasons of failures in Yemen and is looking for ways to solve them.


   As offensive of Saudi Arabia in Yemen is nearly stalled, the Saudi Ministry of Defense analyzes the reasons for failure said the reported of the French Newsletter "Intelligence online".


   First of all, it turned out that the existing Saudi army cannon positions detection radars are not effective on rough terrain. In addition, their range is too small for a Huthis MLRS "Grad" with a range of over 30 km. MLRS is mounted on four-wheel vehicles like Toyota, they can take a position to shoot ammunition and leave it in two minutes.


   Despite its accuracy and power, 155-mm/52 self-propelled howitzers CAESAR, used by Saudi Arabia National Guard (SANG), were completely "blinded" because of this. A further disadvantage is the fact that the border guard radars system (part of Saudi Border Guard Development (SBGDP, a former contract of Miksa) programm) have a small detection range. The ground forces of the kingdom looking for new opportunities to conduct reconnaissance, surveillance and target acquisition: balloons will be placed along the border with Yemen, which, together with UAVs will monitor the mountainous areas.


   Saudi armed forces now have a task of more accurate targeting of Huthis units, that are highly mobile, the Army and Navy of Saudi Arabia plans to buy long-range missiles with laser guidance [may havebe US GMLRS]. In addition, the family of guided and unguided rounds for naval and ground artillery Vulcano by Italian company Oto Melara (part of Finmeccanica) with a range of 120 km, can be the solution to all tasks."

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So tactical! And that guy at left part of photo looks familiar...

OD583.jpgSA SFs in Aden, as i understand.


Houthis showing their trophies.



SA column moving towards SA/Yemen border


Saudi Apache being shot down or "shot down".






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So no wonder why the Saudis wanted Pakistan's help so badly. It seems the House of Saud's toy soldiers haven't been covering themselves in glory. Or have I been misreading these updates?

As i understand, their operation isn't going too well, but they still managed to gain Aden, which is important part of Yemen conflict (logistics for example, money flow, etc). 


ATGM used against Saudi vehicles (Konkurs).



Unknown UAE-equipped coloumn ambushed, possibly those are pro-Saudi forces ("Southerners"), near Mekeyris city in the province of Al-Beida (South Yemen).


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So context of previous (first) video - that is Ansar Allakh vdeo (Houthis), showing action against Saudi forces (border tower) on the border with Saudi province of Jizan. 




Saud forces ambushed by Ansar Allakh, almost same place as video with border tower. 










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