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Saudi Arabia to begin operations in Yemen


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It looks like it might have been a "technical fault" or "technical failure" which brought down that Saudi F-15. 


Phew. For a second there I thought we'd have to recompile those vaunted F-15 K/D ratios. It's bad enough we have Allies in the Middle East bringing shame on the M1 Abrams by surrendering tanks to guys in Toyota Hi-Lux pickup trucks. But to lose an Eagle to a bunch of guys waving Kalashnikovs, RPGs and driving around in technicals...


Wait a second...

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Per the article...


Ghulam Ahmed Bilour, a member of the Pashtun nationalist Awami National Party, was angry at the suggestions that the Pakistan army were mere mercenaries. “My army is not a rent-an-army,” Bilour said.


The Pakistani Parliament then broke down into uproarious laughter before ending the session so the members could have enough time to honor kill a rape victim.


 Pakistani opposition politicians are concerned about further taxing Pakistan’s already strained military. “Forty percent of the army is engaged in the war on terror,” said Hussain.


I bet forty percent is engaged in the war on terror... Smile_sceptic.gif

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Well the Pakistani parliament flatly rejected sending in ground troops to help the House of Saud. I'm sure that has put pause to how eager the Saudis are to escalate the situation. I wonder what public opinion is in Saudi Arabia over this.

And yes, seeing how they didn't step up when we needed them back during OIF, it would make me smile to see the Saudi's coalition of the willing fall apart were it not that their opponents are even worse

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Saudi Arabia National Guard Prince Saad bin Abdurrahman Brigade moved from its base in the administrative center of the Hasham Al Aan in to the province of Najran to Saudi Arabia-Yemen border.


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