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Saudi Arabia to begin operations in Yemen


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   About that ground warfare victory of Houthis - it appears that it was a result of battles that started in August.





   Majority of captured enemies were Saudi proxies, which were supported by Saudi National Guards armor.



   This is appropriate song for recent events.


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   Houthi Quds-1 cruise missile model was spotted from a 2017 video from the exhibition of defense achievements at the Imam Hussein's Islamic Development and Design Institute in Tehran next to the Fateh-110 / Zolfaghar and Nasir missile systems









By the way, at the exhibition when Houthis first showed it in Yemen, it most likely lay upside down. I drew attention to the Roman numerals which, according to the Iranian model, numbered the tail units. So, since the numbering according to the Iranian pattern is applied there, then, in theory, its order should be observed, and according to it, the numbers I and II should be on those elements that are on top, and III and IV, respectively, from below. For Iranians, as far as I remember, this principle is observed from anti-ship missiles to oblique-launched ballistic missiles.







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23 hours ago, Beer said:

Lostarmour counted documented coalition armor loses in the lost battle of Kitaf as 25 pieces:


LAV-25 5x

LAV Bison 1x

M-163 2x

Spartan 6x

M-ATV 3x

Al-Wahsh 8x


Update from lostarmour from the same battle. The numbers are growing fast, now on 53... 


LAV-25 10x

LAV Bison 1x

LAV A 1x

M-163 3x

Spartan 10x

M-ATV 8x

Al-Wahsh 13x

Guardian 4x

Armoured Hillux 3x


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   An Iranian tanker that caught fire in the Red Sea was hit by two missiles


   Moscow. October 11. INTERFAX.RU - An Iranian tanker in the Red Sea, on which explosions occurred and a fire broke out on Friday morning, was probably attacked with two missiles, Press TV reported on Friday, citing a statement from the tanker's owner, the National Iranian Oil Company.


   According to the company, there were two explosions on the tanker with an interval of about 20 minutes (5:00 and 5:20 local time, which coincides with Moscow time), and their cause, apparently, was rocket attacks.


   The owner of the vessel noted that none of the people on board were injured, and the condition of the tanker is assessed as stable. The tanker explosion was reported to have occurred at sea about 96 km from the Saudi port of Jeddah.


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1 hour ago, LoooSeR said:




  Reveal hidden contents



This first photo was used before in this june story.




So far I have seen this but it looks like photos from before any sort of strike.


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