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Panzer IV vs. M4 Sherman


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In contrast, personnel casualties provide a better suggestion of the magnitude of the calamity suffered by German units in the opening phases of Operation Cobra. As can be seen in the charts below, the 2nd Armored Division suffered 914 casualties while inflicting over 7,370 German casualties, an eight-fold disparity.

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Hmmm, he says the 75 mm Gun M3 cannot defeat the PzKpfw IV superstructure at normal ranges

Depending on the model it might have trouble with the additional armor on the front

But the front upper slant that goes up towards the turrent ring and the front turrent are both soft as butter for mid ww2 armor standards and both are gonna fuck over the tank badly if penetrated

Like the front turrent armor of the Panzer 4 is a grand 50mm thick put a shot in there and the driver and machine gunner would lucky to walk out of that alive

No TC, Loader, or Gunner means you are just stuck with a very frightened MG-34 bunker

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