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Paleontology and CryptoZoology thread.


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"Unknown creature found in Kostanai oblast, the Kostanaytany.kz.

According to the publication , the animal was found in the village Baganaly Auliekol District . In October last year, the village has been delivered several tons of coal for heating homes of the villagers . A few days ago the school among coal workers discovered an egg the size of a loaf of bread .

For more information: http://tengrinews.kz"



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On 2/15/2017 at 2:41 PM, Collimatrix said:

What?!  Choristoderes have been known to be oviviparous for ages now!  Are they not considered archosaurimorphs anymore or something?

Don't know


The phylogenetic position of choristoderans is also ambiguously resolved in this analysis, but is constrained to the base of either Lepidosauromorpha or Archosauromorpha. Six synapomorphies support the position of choristoderans within Archosauromorpha and Lepidosauromorpha in each case (see Synapomorphies of some trees that include choristoderans in Results). It should be noted that only three additional steps are necessary to force the position of choristoderans outside Sauria, and the present taxonomic and character sample is not focused on non-archosauromorph diapsids. Therefore, this result invites future work testing the phylogenetic position of the group within Neodiapsida in light of the information provided here.


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On 9/26/2017 at 11:14 PM, Collimatrix said:

Early Triassic archosaurimorphs made dinosaurs look like a bunch of conservative homebody fuddy-duddies.  Take, for instance, erythrosuchids and sharovipteryx.


Well thank God the second one is subsonic in all realistic flight regimes...


Even a slightly transonic flying god damn dinosaur would give me nightmares for years!


*Damn lizards breaking our windows by going supersonic*


"Well technically dear they're only supersonic at altitudes of 8000 feet above sea level or greater" 


*Wife's death look intensifies*

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