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  1. it looks just like they put BDD armour kit upside down,lol, i know it's not but it looks fun
  2. What are we playing?

    Arma3, wargame red dragon, Escape from Tarkov and Squad mainly military RTS and mil-sim game
  3. Max really got some good stuff but too bad he has no time actually fire them,the gun are transporting to Izmash museum
  4. General cars and vehicles thread.

    Russian Highlander-M in Mexico someone probably already seen this i just post this anyway
  5. Tanks guns and ammunition.

    weird russian APFSDS could be just a training rounds but no detail yet
  6. What is this thing?

    there were still some type74 in service currently but the flamethrower in the picture is the Type 02(A or C), which a lighter and better variant of Type 74. the main visual difference is the canister number decreased from 3 (type 74)to 2 compare to the old Type74 flamethrower
  7. 12 March fresh new video here just so many of good footage,praise the IRINN.IR so,Karrar MBT aka T-90MS mod 2017 Iranian limited Edition 2.0 Has finally have a bit long TV report,and what is this? when i see this ‘barrel protective case’ thing,the only thing in my mind is "NO,T-72I4! It's him! He is Back!" but after watch the video i pretty sure it's nothing but reference ~ first noticed difference is the ERA kit Karrar 'ERA kit is smaller, have 6 plate on each slide front compare to T-90MS 's 4 larger size Relikt ERA the thickness of the ERA are pretty close so i guess it's just the smaller new Relikt variant RCWS/Commander panoramic sight Station huge muzzle brake but it seems just a 7.62mm RCWS,but looks cool also the sight itself looks a cheaper product compare to T-90MS Digital map,commanding system and Vehicle information Display this is pretty good, Karrar may have the best digital equipment in all Iranian tanks,not even Zulfiqar-3 normal vision channal of the commander sight for the gunner,i noticed something interesting now this is something new, the Karrar have a whole new gunner sight,so obviously the new gunner sighting system is not simply rip-off from russian but the really interesting thing is, it keeps the 1K13,which compare to T-90MS removed 1A45 completely and replaced by Sosna-U and a back up sight why is this? @Lightning think, that Iran hasn't prepare or able to create their own laser guide coding equipment,if they want to use 9K120 ATGM system,they need keep the 1K13 for laser coding which i found is a high possibility that could be true karrar‘s gunner displayer compare to T-90MS let's expect more information of this tank in the future
  8. does the image problem solved?
  9. jesus i'm an idiot
  10. well,most of the UGV developer is trying to let their work get more smart,for that, let the unmanned vehicle go to the target area by itself automatically is a big deal,DARPA‘s black knight UGCV can already automatically self-drive well in field operation situation. if the UGV gonna use Self-Driving,it must able to detect the environment, use the Terrain Contour Matching or TERCOM one way (or the only way) for UGV is using LIDAR Russia release the Uran Unmanned Vehicle family has almost a year,and the Uran-9 had an upgrade,added some equipment before after but i still didn't see anything about is it able to Self-Driving or not,the film create by TV Zvezda about Uran-9 also don't tell. In the footage Uran-9 shows that the turret can auto-tracking human target but still,there is no such thing like LIDAR shows on the upgrade equipment if the UGCV family for next generation,Rostec company just gives a XXXXL size remote toy with camera,and this thing went to service successfully,that is little bit disappointing right?:/ hope to heared more information future UGV family include Uran,none of these(for i know) uses LIDAR or anything that can support self-driving
  11. Some questions about the US 140mm gun thread

    i'll do it for ya
  12. Some questions about the US 140mm gun thread

    well,i didn't get much information about it,but seems like Thumper and CATT-B with 140mm gun were both exist this picture showing Thumper with the ATAC or i believe it is compare to the CATT-B with 'XM291',the bore evacuator are different, but just compare each other,the size of the gun are very close to each other , and the barrel part out of the thermal sleeve looks the same i guess they are both XM291 but in early or late version