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  1. Tribes 2 did jetpacks justice. OPEN TERRAIN FIGHTING!
  2. Everything is copying Tribes 2 anyway. And doing it badly.
  3. "Saudia Arabia elected to UN Women's Rights Commission" http://thehill.com/policy/international/un-treaties/330149-saudi-arabia-elected-to-un-womens-right-commission
  4. I'm interested in throwing a single action trigger into my CZ75B, shortening the travel, and cleaning it up. Really clean the gun up. I already have the comp hammer. Hell, I'll probably raplace the grips while I'm at it too.
  5. But the .gov took private weapons from the Libertarians, while turning a blind eye to the cache weapons. It's business as usual.
  6. That looks really good, man. You've got me itching to start sharpening my knives and getting my gear together. The snow is melting in the mountains every day.
  7. Got an idea. Now I just need time.
  8. I'd like to know the flowrate of H2 in that thing. Also, I would like to know the volume of those tanks. I do enjoy the fact that they are HILARIOUSLY overbuilt.
  9. Just overview of a WW2 LARPing event.
  10. My god. My god.... That's so bad. And it's sullying the name of a much greater film.
  11. They should have just given Ryan his Deadpool suit and made it "Deadpool fights aliens in space". Would have been WAY better.
  12. http://www.vortexbladeless.com/index.php Oh man, where to start...
  13. Last time my 75 came that far apart was when I swapped the sear and hammer. But yeah you can buy damned near any part for them for pretty cheap.
  14. Oh nice, can you land on planets now? Or did you just get really close? I'd love to pick this up again, but I am so swamped.