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  1. The turtle is probably just startled by how similar they look.
  2. 20 confirmed dead so far. http://www.nbcnews.com/news/world/deaths-injuries-confirmed-after-explosions-heard-u-k-concert-featuring-n763286
  3. Found some pictures of a Softshell that are neat.
  4. Yes. *Nolo, Upon hearing this*
  5. Except there might be one or two in politics.
  6. Updates. Enjoying Lost Alpha in a big way. The map is easily four times as big as the vanilla game. Vehicles are back and actually serve a purpose. Mutants are a bitch. One wrong move and you're dead. Many more different factions to deal with. There are areas that require a ton of planning to get to. I give it a hearty recommendation. But only if you play on Master difficulty and with the damage increase mod.
  7. Aw, Senpai noticed you!
  8. That gif got me triggered.
  9. Texas Agriculture Commissioner states on record, "Why don't we just change the label to say 'Not Poisonous' for this poison? Then people can do whatever they want with the corpses" 'Cause the EPA might have something to say about you changing their labels on a poison that has been created to kill wild pigs.
  10. Paging @Toxn