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  1. Since not all AA is mechanised, I put it in the Aerospace section. If it belongs somewhere else, please move. Patriot system: National Advanced Surface-to-Air Missile System 2 (NASAMS 2): Fennek Stinger:
  2. Bronezhilet

    General news thread

    Since I don't think we have a general news thread, I decided to make one. Dump all news in here that doesn't fit other threads. Soooooo... an EgyptAir Airbus A320 just got hijacked. http://www.bbc.com/news/world-middle-east-35915139
  3. Bronezhilet

    Tanks guns and ammunition.

    @Ramlaen just an FYI, the BTS8 PELE round has about the same drag coëfficient as normal 125mm HEAT.
  4. Bronezhilet

    General Naval Warfare News/Technology thread.

    https://www.bbc.com/news/world-latin-america-46245686 ARA San Juan has been found
  5. Bronezhilet

    Designing A Rifle From Scratch(ish)

    And now: Drawings, so you can actually make the thing!
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    Turkish touch

    Oh I see how it be.
  7. Bronezhilet

    Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    If I drive for 26 hours I've driven to Italy... ...and back. Or I've ended up in in St. Petersburg.
  8. Bronezhilet

    Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread

    I find it interesting that a lot of people, especially in the EU, seem to forget/ignore just how gigantic the USA actually is. For me a one hour drive is a long drive because that means I'm either halfway across the country, or I've driven into Germany.
  9. Bronezhilet

    WoT v WT effort-thread

    Y'all are playing WoT again and yet here I am, playing Armored Whorefare.
  10. So we have a bunch of people running around who speak very different languages, and yet nobody is talking about it. Hmm. To me, it's very interesting to hear experiences of somebody who does not speak two or more languages. I've been bilingual since I was 4 years old and I started learning my third language when I was 9. So I, more or less, do not have memories of speaking only one language, especially since I had an acceptable level of English when the internet really became a thing for me. As of today I claim to be fluent in three languages: Low Saxon (my native language), Dutch and English. I have a basic understanding of German, enough to read a few of Spielberger's books about tanks in German. I can read and understand South African, but not speak it. Lastly, I can generally understand the gist of texts written in Danish, Swedish or Norwegian, but I haven't bothered really learning any of those. The language I'm really trying to learn is... *drumroll* Russian. I don't know why, but I just love the sound of it. I'm still nowhere near a basic level, I'm still trying to become fluent in reading Cyrillic. So I guess I do know what it's like to be able to speak only one language. So for the Russians on here, after I can properly read Cyrillic, what should be my next step? Reading and trying to understand news articles maybe? Or should I go a different route and listen to Russian radio stations? As for people who only speak English, have you ever felt you were missing out because you didn't speak a certain language? Ever thought about learning another language? If yes, why? I've been looking at Japanese as well, but you know, weeaboos and shit. So in the end I didn't bother. To add something myself, here are a few of my things on a few languages I speak: (Dutch) Low Saxon Some call it a dialect, some call it a language. Opinions differ, but it's generally considered a (regional) language. It's not a single language per se, but more or less made of various dialects which are all quite similar, but different as well. Saying you speak Low Saxon is like saying you speak Germanic. Which you can't because Germanic consists of various different language groups. Because you know English doesn't mean you know German. It's different with Low Saxon. I speak a Low Saxon dialect, which means I can understand all the various dialects, as well as a lot from our granddaddy language group Low German. I might not understand all the individual words, but I do know exactly what he's saying. I once tried it with a German who spoke a German dialect as well. He spoke his dialect, I spoke mine. We were able to understand each other perfectly. Which is freaking amazing. Why? Because he spoke a Low German dialect, and Low Saxon is part of Low German: (So I guess you know what part of the Netherlands I live in.) Say I met an old lady from Berlin and we'd start talking to each other in our dialects, we'd be able to understand each other perfectly. I don't think English has the same thing. Maybe compare it to an American trying to understand freaking Welsh. As for the language itself, I'm amazed that it cannot be written. Sounds strange, but it just doesn't have any rules at all. Which, in linguistics, means you can't write it. And yet it has survived for quite some time. But sadly, its time has come and less and less people are fluent. It's dying, and quite rapidly at that. Also, it does not have a female word-form. "Officially" there is no difference what-so-ever between "his bike" and "her bike". Or "he went to the shop" and "she went to the shop". I can already hear the feminazi's partying because "finally proper equality between men and women", but alas, we don't say "her bike" or "she went to the sop", we just say "his bike" and "he went to the shop". Rekt. If you want to get a lot of words across really quickly, learn this. It's very suited for talking fast, and most speakers do. Dutch It's a mess. Don't learn it unless you have a reason to do so. - Its grammar rules are disgustingly irritating. Writing it can be a disaster. And guess what, it doesn't matter for pronunciation! Don't you love grammar rules like that? "Oh, I wonder, does this word end in a 'd', a 't' or 'dt'?" Guess what sucker, it doesn't matter! Except if you're a language purist, then fuck you. Of course, if you screw it up you'll get punished and people will point and laugh. - Sentence structure is different from Dutch Low Saxon, so automatically it's inferiour. It also different from English, which is also inferiour. - Dutch is totally and absolutely unfit for shouting. Shouting Dutchies are the silly. The language and pronunciation of words just doesn't suit it. English If Dutch is a mess, English is a trainwreck. Seriously, I only speak it because it's the main language of the world. If French had the same status, I would be speaking French, but I don't. And I quite dislike French. Your grammar rules are disgusting, so is the pronunciation, whoever came up with all the fucking rules must love torturing people. Who the fuck came up with the fucking silent-E? Seriously, fuck him. It's like Dutch, but waaaay worse. If I could advise against learning English, I would. Also, fuck English for invading other languages even though half of English is fucking French. It's slowly strangling other languages, which infuriates me. Seeing a language die first-hand isn't funny if you're any type of linguist.
  11. It's almost like admins can do admin stuff.
  12. https://www.amazon.com/Capital-Ships-Imperial-Japanese-1868-1945-ebook/dp/B00R85ORKO/ Turns out that the Musashi's 28 knots top speed was in shallow water. Whoopsy daisy, there goes @Peasant's argument.
  13. Can't find anything. But nice try at trying to steer the conversation, my dude. If the reports don't state it's in shallow water, then neither can you.
  14. You keep repeating the shallow water meme, but where in the fuck did you get it from? I've been looking for a while for sources on it, but I can't find anything. Only thing I can find is that the New Jersey sailed at 35.2 knots for 6 hours straight. So you're saying that it found a 390 km long stretch of shallow water at exactly the right depth?
  15. Running at 35.2 in shallow water for 6 hours straight?
  16. The Yamato reportedly achieved 28.05 knots during overload power and 27.61 at official trail power. Iowa achieved the 32.5 knots in actual battle. In machinery trails the Iowa reached 35.2 knots. So what are we going to compare, trail speeds or combat speeds? Either way, the Yamato is getting stomped.
  17. Where did you get the 27 knots for the Yamato and the 30 knots for the Iowa?
  18. You want to turn without rolling? Good luck in a dogfight, my dude!
  19. The test pilot of the Akutan Zero about the Zero:
  20. Ah yes, it's much better to plunge in the ocean than to get home. Are you perchance British? Because that's British thinking. The Brits were looking for a good self sealing fuel tank during World War 1, but after the war added the requirement of it being crash proof as well. So all designs submitted were not only tested for self sealing capabilities, but were also dropped from a tower. And due to basic physics existing all of them burst on impact and as a result were discarded for failing the requirements. And thus goes the story of how the United Kingdom went to war without self sealing fuel tanks. Yes, people died because of that stupidity.
  21. Isn't the Zero basically the Japanese equivalent of Nascar? Only capable of making left turns.
  22. "Yamato best BB as long as it doesn't meet enemies"