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  1. Youtube general?

    Well he's finally done it
  2. Aerospace Pictures and Art Thread

    Ah shit I was gonna post that
  3. Saw Dunkirk, found out Spitfires have no need of an engine, only a crankshaft, because the propellor is evidently powered by pure British fury. Overall wouldn't really recommend. Spoilers
  4. Thought it was probably an M114 but didn't see any M114s with the similar hatch. If anyone did make modifications to it, it didn't last. Oil sump got stuffed full of rocks and candy wrappers. Everything not welded down was torn off, no glass remains intact. It would have been cool to bring it back to service but I think it's screwed
  5. I talked a long time ago about an APC that doesn't quite match any descriptions of anything I knew of, I have finally seen it in person and taken pictures It has seen much neglect. I'm told that the markings are for the veteran's hall in town, not actual army markings
  6. The Enema Thread (Moderator: Tied)

    I see we are reading the same thread
  7. What are we playing?

    Now that I have a computer that I'm confident can run it, I am probably going to get Rising Storm 2 when it goes on sale or I can otherwise justify the expense. Verdict on whether it's worth it from anyone else who has it?
  8. SPOILERS This is a much better movie from the 40 minutes or so I saw while I was on lunch break while working overnights The video recorder guy's death misses a crucial part of that scene though
  9. What are we playing?

    This may not bear relevance for many of you, but I recently ran into a bug in KF2 that gave you something like 80% damage reduction as a berker and 40% bonus attack speed. I say bug because resetting your perks every time you hit level 20 berker precludes it from being an exploit in my mind. The medic, who I was in comms with, started ignoring me because I was taking 10 damage from direct hits from fleshpounds on hell on earth difficulty. For more relateable terms, imagine playing WoT, and suddenly nothing hits you for more than 100 damage at tier 10. Some pretty solid lols were had
  10. What are we playing?

    "They then declared to Air Traffic Control (ATC) that they had a single engine flameout" NO ONE WILL EVER KNOW THAT WE DID STUPID SHIT IF WE PRETEND IT NEVER HAPPENED
  11. What are we playing?

    I managed to locate the magnetic North Pole (roughly) in MSFS:X. Tried to determine the Learjet's service ceiling after, and ended up having a fantastic stall all the way to the ground
  12. What are we playing?

    Y'all may have noticed I bought MSFS:X. There is something therapeutic about flying virtual cross countries for no real reason
  13. Youtube general?

  14. General news thread

    I expect it takes less than 24 hours for either the court to reverse its ruling completely and totally independent of public opinion or REVOLUCION
  15. General news thread

    Sure, but they stand to lose revenue if the government of whatever country they piss off decides to refuse to let them operate in that country. Canada expecting its court rulings to be upheld globally is pretty lol though