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6 hours ago, ApplesauceBandit said:

I've not seen it before if that counts for anything.


I should also probably stop being lazy and actually make memes




SH's memes warfare center, anyone?

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February 24, 2018



I have completed step 1 in my plan to make tags great again.  Whenever you start a new topic and start tagging it, there will be an automatically suggested list of tags.  This list is curated by me, and anyone else who has administrator privilege and who cares to update it.  So me.

The tags list is based on tags that had previously been used in good-quality threads, and also how I happened to feel at that particular instant.

From now on, all new threads will need to have at least one tag.  It is not required that you use a tag from the suggested list of tags, they're just there for convenience and standardization.  You can still make up your own tags, or use joke tags or whatever.

I will also be crawling the archives to re-tag older threads.

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March 22, 2018



I added several new buttons to the text editor.  There are now options to change background color (please use sparingly), font, justify text and "page."  I have no fucking clue what that one does, so if anyone can figure it out I will be much obliged.

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I guess it's supposed to simulate a page break?  I dunno.  Doesn't seem to be dangerous, so I guess someone might find a use for it.  I'll leave it in.

(Five minutes later Collimatrix came back to find a smoking and radioactive pile of rubble where the forum used to be)

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