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  1. Damn, they're not holding back on anything.
  2. It is caused when firing at longer distances. Longer distances = more propellant, but it does't manage to burn all the propellant in the chamber before the shell exits the tube.
  3. A common thing to do. We did that too with our box fresh K9s.
  4. What upgrades are the A6A3 and A6(M)A4?
  5. I'm just saying gear, weapons and all kinds of shit makes people bulky. It might be spacious either way though.
  6. "Plenty of room" they say, with no equipment, weapons or gear on. Civilians..
  7. Calling the K9 a copy of the M109 is a bit of a stretch.
  8. jesus christ, what a mental case. 145 mm smoothbore howitzer. Yeah, good luck hitting anything at all beyond 15 meters. Came across another mad cunt while searching. http://pogoarchives.org/labyrinth/11/12.pdf http://pogoarchives.org/labyrinth/09/07.pdf
  9. That Leopard, third to the right.. Which is it? Is it the same as the one displayed at Eurosatory 2018? this one:
  10. Link to the video? Haven't seen that one.
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