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  1. "The people that defeated Nazism cannot be defeated" "71 years" "9 "ayar" (national name for a month?): Festival of victory over fascism"
  2. Hey, Not sure if this is the right place, it's a bit complicated, so.. sorry. So, I need your help. There's a contest here in Egypt made by the Chinese embassy here, about 60 years of good relations between the 2 countries. (Egypt and China) The contest is about a logo/design about the event. The top prize is 20 000 EGP for 1. (~ 2 000 USD) I really need that money, so I decided to join. However, I have some problems.. The design. So far I decided on 2 designs, not sure which one to go with. The first one is a mural like design, sized 7203x1440p, I have the basic ideas planned, but not sure about the rest. It would have the pyramids on the far west, the great wall on the far east and in the middle, the red star of China, along with both flags crossed under it (like in CrashbotUS' avatar). The background would be a blue sky and under it a desert, with the faces of Egyptian/Chinese leaders in the past 60 years blended in the blue sky. At the bottom of the picture, "60 Years of good relations" would be written. I also thought of adding some national symbols in the picture, like the Chinese dragon. But not sure which Egyptian symbol to add.. The second design is a simple stamp one, like the Canadian-Israel one, or the German-Australian one, but I have no idea what to put in it. Would really appreciate help since that money would help a lot. Thanks in advance.
  3. I wouldn't say that one is more respectful to be honest. But I am Egyptian so.. (the more respectful one is not commonly used here. Egyptian-Arabic uses the normal one most of the time. or the martyr one for martyrs)
  4. There's an honorary version of death in Arabic? My Arabic is not very good, but I only remember "died" (مات), "killed" (قتل), became a martyr (استشهد). There's also other stuff like: god took him (توافاه الله), etc. Last one is more of an Egyptian thing btw. (note: in Islam, martyrs are not counted as dead)
  5. The word "moderate" is used sarcastically, right?
  6. Stupid question, doesn't the Leopard C2 w/MEXAS package fit most of the requirements? It should also be able to fit a 120. (1A6 turret can be adopted)
  7. Yeah, sorry for inactivity. Been busy a lot the last few months. Also IIRC Jordan uses a modified version of the M60AX with a Swiss 120mm gun, right? Or is that an entirely different tank?
  8. Pictures from my friend There are more, but he didn't get them out of his external drive yet.
  9. I use FOMM for FNV. Though most of the installing I do is manual. I mostly use it for load order organization, etc. It also works for FO3. For Skyrim, I use NMM since there's nothing else really. I use an ENB for graphics along with tons of texture mods. I don't remember all of them, but the ones I remember are NMCs, Ojo Bueno and MGs Neat Clutter Pack, along with EVE and Millenia's WRP. For gameplay, I don't remember. When my PC is fixed, I can give you my loadorder. (but that's a big when.) --- And goodnight, going to sleep now. Talk to you later. Have something I did for fun a few months ago: Also, that new Fallout 4 teaser is pretty meh. [the one with the guy blowing brains with a bat] But, gore from FO4 from that trailer:
  10. Yeah, their games are unmatched in mod-ability. The only issue is that they might be using it as an excuse to release shitty stuff. Also the paid mods stuff. ---
  11. FCO and NVR 3. I don't. I have a desktop. It's just outdated by today's standards. [Core to Quad, ATI HD 5450, etc etc] Though the PSU suffered a problem, so I am now using a business laptop. [i5, not sure which type and Intel HD 3000 for graphics] ---
  12. This took around 6 - 7 tries iirc. I don't fully remember, but I had tons of fun doing it so I didn't mind.
  13. It took HOURS to set this up correctly and I did not get his right arm to look correctly. I was too frustrated at that time. The amount of cursing I gave to Gamebryo... pfft..
  14. Witcher 3 made me realize how shit my GPU is. Finally a game I cannot literally run. Metro? Can run it. 3 FPS. Skyrim? 10 FPS. 0.5 FPS when fully modded and ENB is active. But no worries, I only play it for screenshots now. etc. But Witcher 3... no. I didn't try it though, but looking at how it looks and the minimum specifications.. nah.
  15. It's because they told people it was getting released at that date. Stupid excuse since they could delay it but meh.. But hey, I got Skyrim's Legendary Edition for like 13 USD. That's not bad for a modding platform. Though if they fucking repeat it in Fallout 4... One tip btw, turn your brain off while playing it, and expect to be playing shit. That way, the stupid stuff won't hit you too hard.
  16. ffffff --- Feelin' Lucky? by Mohamed2281, on Flickr Red Bull Lensflare w/ edits by Mohamed2281, on Flickr Scout Sniper by Mohamed2281, on Flickr Let Go by Mohamed2281, on Flickr
  17. Yeah. We'll see where Fallout 4 stands after.. ~ 2 weeks. Speaking of that, achievements apparently were leaked.
  18. Fallout 3 feels more of a spin off to me rather than a sequel. It's weird.
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