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In other news, some radical opposition group taken police department in Armenia (Erebuni).



Supporters of the arrested at June 20 opposition member Zhirayr Sefilyan, who is accused of organizing a criminal group, declared "the intention to change the situation in Armenia by means of an armed uprising." The investigation revealed that Sefilyan with a group of persons as an armed groups planned to seize the building, construction, telecommunication facilities, including the Tower of Yerevan.

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It is possible that Erdogan and his supporters had somebody amongst coup supporters. Erdogan left that hotel shortly before coup supporters tried to take it.


Some footage from inside in this video:


Footage from MIT building/area near it


Airstrikes on/near President Palace





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#Yerevan UPDATE: Occasional clashes between riot police and oposition demonstrators around sized police HQ. #Armenia




Residents of Sari Tagh area of #Yerevan tried to join armed group in support but police blocked road. 

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