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Great read, thanks for sharing.


That situation is fucked up to the point that it's surreal.




Every day, Choi would receive a huge stack of policy briefs from the presidential residence to discuss with her inner circle--an illustrious group that included Choi's gigolo (no, really) and a K-pop music video director (I'm serious.)
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Here are the reasons.   1) It might make Americans sympathetic to Philippines President Duterte. That's because Duterte = Trump > Hitler.   2) Because we have our own news story

Some guy took a selfie with the hijacker:


I'm having trouble wrapping my mind around that Korean story.


Try mentally replacing the Korean names with more European-sounding ones, that helps me.  Every time it says "Park Geun-hye," think "Melissa Park" or something, and every time it says "Park Chung-hee" mentally substitute "Korean Mussolini" "Daddy Park" or something.  English-speaking minds aren't primed to pick up the gender and family relationship cues from the Korean names, so it all sort of blurs together.



tl;dr: Shadow government.


More or less.




The shocking revelation is that the president of South Korea has been led around by the nose by weird cult leaders, Sarah Winchester style.  Said cult leader also appears to have gotten their head into the trough in a big way, committing various acts of small and large venality (it was a small one that got them caught), and had enough personal control over the president that they were probably substantially influencing policy.

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