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The Small Arms Thread, Part 8: 2018; ICSR to be replaced by US Army with interim 15mm Revolver Cannon.


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Video on the innards of the Daewoo K2:



One surprise here; that rebound spring thingie in the back of the receiver to boost rate of fire.  I hadn't heard of that before in small arms, although a number of autocannons have similar devices.


Oh, and if you look, you can see that the K2 has a Stoner/Johnson bolt and a fixed ejector, which is an unusual combination, but neither ingredient is rare on its own.

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QBZ-95 undergoing some pretty harsh reliability testing (2 part series).


If it surprises you the video is in Mandarin.... you must be easily surprised. (Someone did actually subtitle it though.)





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OK. Color me a Fudd but I don't get AR "pistols" and this whole nonsense over the Sig "brace".


I know there's a bunch of crap with the ATF and defining what-is-what so it fits inside a nice category that is easy to tax and regulate for government bureaucrats. 


But to me, this isn't a "pistol".




You can call it a carbine, or a semi-automatic "submachine gun" (contradictory term, I know), or Personal Defense Weapon or whatever but that isn't a pistol. You wouldn't carry it as a pistol. You wouldn't holster it like a pistol. And you wouldn't even really fire it as a pistol. Let's be real here. So why is it supposedly billed as a pistol?


That's setting aside why anyone would want one and why you'd want to fire a shortened rifle one-handed. Unless you're Steve McQueen shooting a Mare's Leg, it just looks stupid.




That Winchester holds, what? Three rounds?


So ergonomic and practical. Just what the modern "hunter" needs!


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That is no more a pistol than this is a rifle



When the legal definitions are wrong and don't match reality, it's time to change those definitions.


According to the ATF, that is a rifle.

Naturally, were I King of the Americas, I wouldn't have made laws this silly, but what else can you expect from bloated democracy-borne systems?


It's frightening to think those bullets might be powerful enough to go through police body armor, a car door or even an airplane fuselage.


You mean like any other rifle round?

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I'm wearing my sensationalist pants right now. Particularly after watching a news conference with some government guy talking about guns that were smuggled aboard passenger planes. An AK "pistol" that he was showing off was capable of going through police body armor, car doors or planes.


It is useful to know how the other side thinks.

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The M2030 primer configuration looks flat unworkable, and I'm not too sure about the consolidated powder grain either.


They're interesting ideas though.

I'm fairly certain that Dick Casull designed a rifle cartridge with a recessed base/primer, so that should be feasible.  The compressed powder would be little different than some of the caseless schemes, or for that matter, the compressed propellant pellets for available for modern muzzleloaders.

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The inverted case head is clever, and has a lot going for it at first glance.  It's the primer I'm worried about.  I'm really doubtful that the propellant grain would make a suitable anvil.


Speaking of the propellant grain, in the HK G11, which has a similar consolidated propellant structure, there was a booster charge just ahead of the primer that busted up the consolidated grain to increase its internal surface area so it would burn in a timely fashion.  This didn't always work correctly.  Jim Schatz mentions it in his presentation on caseless ammo.


I don't know much about those muzzleloader propellant blobs.

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