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Upgraded Bradley and AMPV at AUSA 2016:




The AMPV actually uses a new hull based on a modified Bradley hull, which is not fully compatible with the existing Bradley design.




The Bradley has new headlights, a new suspension (I assume, based on the suspension element at the left), a new ERA kit for the sides and apparently a new/modified engine? The weight-inefficient old base armor is still kept due to budget reasons probably.

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-CMI's 3000 series turret + Raytheon sight won a downselect for a ARDEC research & development project

-a C-17 can carry 3 M8's at level 3 armor

-ATK's 30x173mm airburst round uses the same fuse as the 25mm grenades in the XM25

-all four of ATK's 40x180mm rounds will be ready for production by the second quarter 2017

-M829A4 is in production

-the US Army will "probably" make its decision on which 120mm AMP round it wants around the first of the year

-Iron Fist Light is "about a quarter the weight" of other APS systems


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