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Terror Attacks and Active Shooter Events Thread


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   In Dagestan, special forces of the FSB and the Russian Guard entered into battle with a group of militants, which had previously been discovered in the Khasavyurt district of the republic.

   The shootout, according to TASS, occurred in the forest between the villages of Goksuv and Mutsalaul. It is assumed that the resistance to the security forces was exerted by the militants of the Andirean gang. Five of 6 members of the gang are on the federal wanted list.

   According to available information, one officer / soldier of one of the law enforcement agencies was injured, 6 terrorists were killed.


   Recall that on the evening of May 21, near the village of Goksuv, the security forces noticed a bandit group that hid in a forest.

   According to the Information Center of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee, at dawn, law enforcement agencies began searching activities of the area. The department confirmed the conduct of a special operation.



   NSFW. Bandits that were killed:
















   Most of their weapons are civilian or conversion of civilian guns:










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On 5/23/2020 at 8:49 PM, Beer said:

120 mm mortar used in CTO isn't an often seen thing.

   Use of indirect fire weapons is not unusual for operations in areas outside of towns/villages. For example - several AGS used for indirect fire.


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   Another small group isolated and disposed safely.


   May 30, 2020 at 16:40 in the city of Sunzha of the Republic of Ingushetia, the CTO regime was introduced.


   During the operational-search measures in the Republic of Ingushetia, the security authorities obtained information about the presence of a group of armed bandits in one of the outbuildings on the outskirts of the city of Sunzha.

   In order to prevent them from committing terrorist acts and to ensure the safety of citizens, the head of the republican Directorate of the FSB of Russia made a decision to conduct a counter-terrorist operation and introduce an appropriate legal regime.


   The area adjacent to the building was cordoned off. The bandits who were in the house were asked to lay down their arms and surrender to the authorities. In response, they opened fire on law enforcement officials and during the shootout, two bandits were neutralized.

   Weapons, ammunition and an improvised explosive device were found at the clash site. Inspection of the scene continues. According to reports, the neutralized bandits, whose identity is established, intended to commit a number of terrorist crimes in the republic.


   There are no casualties among law enforcement officers and civilian casualties.










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   Police and military liquidated three militants in the city of Srinagar, the summer capital of the union territory of Jammu and Kashmir, The Hindu reports.


   "All three of the killed terrorists were locals. They were involved in the killing of two Indian border guards on May 20," said Kashmir police inspector general Vijay Kumar, quoted by the publication.

   Kumar noted that the authorities, with the help of the parents and neighbors of the militants, urged them to surrender, but they refused.


   This is the second such skirmish in Srinagar in two months; earlier in May, during a special operation, one of the leaders of the Hizb-ul-Mujahidin terrorist organization was liquidated.


   According to local authorities, 106 militants were eliminated this year in Kashmir, most of whom were local residents. The situation in northern India sharply worsened after New Delhi announced on August 5, 2019 that it would abolish the state of Jammu and Kashmir, creating on its basis two allied territories (administrative units that have less rights than the state): Jammu and Kashmir and Ladakh . To do this, the Indian Parliament repealed article 370 of the constitution, which gave the state special status. Pakistan, which claims to be the Indian part of Kashmir, sharply condemned this decision.


   After the Muslim regions of British India in 1947 formed a separate state of Pakistan, Jammu and Kashmir was the only Indian state where the majority are Muslims. Separatists are actively operating there, of which the Pakistani authorities accuse New Delhi of support. Islamabad rejects these allegations, claiming that the residents of Kashmir are independently fighting for their rights.













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   FSB officers prevented a terrorist attack in Vladikavkaz, detained a supporter of ISIS terrorists who was preparing an explosion near the administration building of the capital of North Ossetia.


   After the attack, the attacker planned to go to the war zone in the Middle East for further participation in the activities of the international terrorist group ISIS


   Components for manufacturing IEDs were found in the hiding place of the criminal, and his electronic correspondence with ISIS members abroad was discovered, exposing his criminal intentions.



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   The FSB announced a special operation to destroy terrorists in Kabardino-Balkaria. Four militants were killed in the mountainous and wooded area of the Chegem region. An explosive device was found in their apartment in Nalchik.



   And another one


   The FSB, in cooperation with the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Russian Guard, detained members of the interregional structure of the international terrorist organization "Islamic Movement of Uzbekistan" in Moscow, Novosibirsk and the Krasnoyarsk Territory


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  • 3 weeks later...

   The counter-terrorist operation (CTO) regime in the village of Troitskoye in the Sunzhensky region of the republic of Ingushetia was introduced on Sunday morning.

   Three militants were liquidated during the counter-terrorist operation in the village of Troitskoye in the Sunzhensky region of Ingushetia, the information center of the National Anti-Terrorist Committee reported.
   The bandits were supporters of the Islamic State. During the operation, two special forces officers were wounded, they were provided with timely medical assistance, there were no casualties among the civilian population, the NAC added.







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   Sept. 3rd, some additional stuff about Beslan. Here is short interview with a soldier that "Western" journalists called "Russian tank", post is from 2014. 


   Maxim Razumovskiy (brother of Dmitriy Razumovskiy, another FSB operative that died during assault of Beslan school) photos:





   With camera that he picked up from dead terrorist. Terrorist stole this camera from one of parents and used it to record stuff inside.






   As a result, the newspapermen did track down this man and interviewed him. It is under the cut. I will give some explanations along the way, will highlight them in italics...


   I'm not a legend. There are many people in Ossetia who are already worthy of their lives to make legends about them
   I do not know who called me Russian Tank, I think this is someone's comment on my photo on the Internet. I learned about this relatively recently and, one might say, by accident. Some of my friends showed me. He said that there is some kind of Vkontakte group. These photos have been on the Internet for a long time, with various comments, among them was the "Russian tank".


   I came to our group a year after Dima. Since 1997, we have flown on combat trips together. Of course, I had to fight before Beslan - in Chechnya, and Dagestan, and in Ingushetia, in different places. And after that there is enough work. You yourself know ... Was then wounded 2 more times, shell-shocked.


   Dima is Dmitry Razumovsky, who was the first to die in the school yard.


   And then, in 2004, on the way to school, we came under heavy fire. 4 people were immediately wounded, among them was Dima. I hoped to the end that he was alive, and I learned that he did not survive only after it was over. While they provided him and the others with first aid and were engaged in their evacuation, I realized that I myself was wounded in the thigh by a bullet jacket. The wound seemed insignificant to me, and I did not pay attention to it, you do not feel pain on adrenaline. Went to school. We made our way to the second floor.


   Their group entered the second floor of the workshop wing through the window, along the ladder. The task is to make way to the dining room, which was on the first floor at the other end of the wing. Those. they had to go through the barricades in the corridor of the wing to the assembly hall and then go down the stairs.

   The picture shows his group at the side of the wing.





   This is the second attempt of their group to school. The first, during which Razumovsky died, was carried out from the other side - from the side of the school yard. They were near the watchman's house and carried out reconnaissance. And that was even before the start of the assault, at about half past three. Here's a snapshot taken at 2:30 pm. It shos deceased Dmitry Razumovsky being carried out.


   There I was taken out by the "dukh" grenade launcher for the second time (sorry for the military slang). The explosion was close, overhead, so it hit decently: head, shoulder, some in the back. Together with me, my friend Igor was hooked in the leg. Because of the blood and shell shock, I saw almost nothing, I had to go out, my other friend Vadim pulled out "Garik". Well, then bandaged up and returned. Either on adrenaline, or the pain reliever helped, but it didn't hurt much. Therefore, i considered myself combat-ready. Probably got excited.


   Also, while descending the stairs to the dining room, ensign Oleg Loskov died. But in this interview, he does not talk about him.


   I was not treated for long. Our planned combat trip was supposed to begin in October, so asked to write me out early. At the beginning of October we already went to Ingushetia, and on October 10 returned to the same ward, but with legs shot through. But we got one of the organizers of the terrorist attack in Beslan.


   Many people say that I captured the camera away from the militants. Well "captured" is loudly said. I took it from a dead terrorist. It was broken and there was no way to see what was on it, and there was no time for that, but I thought that it might contain important information. When they took me to the dressing, I gave it to the doctors with a request to urgently transfer it to our leadership. I think they were also not up to it. What happened to her later, I don't know.



   I thought for a very long time why this happened. Why so many people died: both specialists and hostages. Who or what is out of control? I still think about that. And is it possible to control the situation when children are captured by armed people and hanging bombs over them? Even we hoped that there was still something human in these animals, and they would not blow up the school. At the moment when it did happen, we were training on a similar facility. There were only cordons and snipers around the school. They did their job well, before our arrival they did not let the terrorists leave the school and, as far as possible, covered as many hostages with fire as possible. We had to go into battle straight from the buses.


   The assault itself began at 15:00 - two hours after the first explosions. Conspiracy theorists who talk about the fact that the storming began immediately on the personal orders of Putin do not know about it. Meanwhile, the arrival of the battle groups in Beslan happened after 2 pm - this is perfectly tracked in our gallery. Until that time, there was simply no one to storm Beslan school.


   The area near the school is open, and we had to walk from different directions, for terrorists we were like on a palm. In the field, invisibility does not happen, many wounded were already on the way. The main losses were already at school. Even if you are a superspecialist, but for kids, when they are scared and want to escape, you cannot explain that they do not need to run in the direction of fire from a bandit machine gun. Therefore, we had to pull them out from under fire. How to get them out and not get under fire yourself? Hence such losses among employees. There will be many more questions about what happened there, the more, the stronger the pain of loss. But hardly anyone will give an exhaustive answer to them.


   You tell me that I am a legend. Of course not. I'm not a legend. I served and continue to serve with the guys whom I consider more worthy role models than me. And I am proud that I served with some of them, I continue to serve with someone, and I am just friends with someone. There are many people in Ossetia who are already worthy of their lives to make up legends about them. I am happy that I can call some of them my friends and I myself try to be equal to them. Sorry for the pathos, but I really think so.


   I was sure that he was no longer serving. One of the forum participants met with him several years ago. Then this officer was engaged in the protection of a very large and well-known city-forming enterprise. At least I was sure that he ended up there after demobilization. It turns out that he still serves.


   With Beslan, in general, mysticism. I saw the Beslan school in a dream several times while i was in military academy. There was a fight in the dream and I was wounded. I remembered this dream very well, because I dreamed several times in a row, but I did not know what kind of place it was. When we first crawled to the school on September 1, i was numb from what they saw. I recognized this place from a dream. For a very long time, dreamed about Dima, we did not talk so much during our lifetime as in a dream. Everything is good there ...



   For almost 10 years now I have been learning to live without an older brother. He has always been an example for me. He is seven years older than me, so I rarely managed to play with him as a child. Rather, he was my mentor in everything. I blindly accepted everything he did and said. Followed him to the border guards school in 1992, and then to Vympel. He chased me, like all older younger brothers, but he was always a mountain for me, as I for him. What did I lose when he was gone? Yes, everything. Everything from scratch. Now myself. After Beslan, my father fell seriously ill and died on October 11, 2009. He was buried in the same cemetery as my brother. Mom is alive and well. She moved to live in Moscow closer to us. She's strong. She is actually a piano teacher. But now he's retired. She is raising two grandchildren and a granddaughter, she is very good at it. Will be raising another granddaughter soon. In general, she has no time to sit idle, my brother and I provided her with cares to a ripe old age.

   And here's another thing. Forgive me too if you did or wrote something wrong. I'm not a writer. And I'm not a hero. We have a lot of such guys.



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   During the operation to rescue the hostages at school No. 1 in the town of Beslan, not only the FSB TsSN suffered losses, but also the Emergencies Ministry's "Centrospas" (Rescue center).


   On September 3, an agreement was reached with the terrorists to evacuate the bodies of the male hostages who were shot on September 1. Four Rescue center workers arrived at the school in a truck with lowered sides: Dmitry Kormilin (photo 1), Valery Zamaraev (photo 2), Andrey Kopeikin and Alexei Skorobulatov and under the supervision of several terrorists (one was directly next to the rescuers, others were watching the EMERCOM employees from the windows of the second floor) began loading the bodies into the back.


   Suddenly there was an explosion in the gymnasium, and the terrorists opened fire on the rescuers, and then on the escaping hostages. Dmitry Kormilin covered Andrei Kopeikin with his body and died on the spot.


   Zamaraev was seriously wounded by an unexploded grenade from a grenade launcher and for a long time remained without help in the school yard. When they finally lifted him onto a stretcher, he asked to evacuate the children who had suffered at first. They did not take Zamarayev to the hospital - he died right in the ambulance from heavy blood loss.


   By the decree of the President of Russia Dmitry Ivanovich Kormilin was awarded the Order of Courage (posthumously), and Valery Valentinovich Zamaraev was posthumously awarded the title “Hero of the Russian Federation” (posthumously).


tc3NCsW.jpg KCehCUI.jpg

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Some additional photos.


   TsSN operatives arrive to Beslan school area after explosions happened inside.





   Probably Ilya Mareev on the left (with VSS and fancy scope with laser rangefinder)





   Dmitriy Razumovskiy on the left.


   Wearing gear and preparing for assault, operatives of both Directorate A and V.


   Oleg Iliyn 




   On the right - Denis Pudovkin.





   Ilya Mareev








   Moving in on BTRs


   Soldier with camo helmet - Alexander Martyanov - Head of one of Directorate departments.







   At school.


   Alexander Martyanov (center) and Ilya Mareev behind him. Mikhail Kozlov is on the left.




   On the left, wearing a mask, Ilya Leonidovich Mareev - major, senior operative, on the right (only the helmet is visible) Mikhail Yuryevich Kozlov - major, senior operative.

   A seriously wounded Colonel Vyacheslav Bocharov Alekseevich is being dragged out of the window; he was one of the first to enter the building of school No. 1.

Later, Ilya Mareev and Mikhail Kozlov died on April 15, 2005 on the territory of the Chechen Republic, during a special operation to block and detain militants in a multi-storey building in Grozny on the street. Bohdan Khmelnytsky.

















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   Well, that operation didn't went as well as a lot of others...


   In Grozny, during CTO four bandits where  neutralized, previously they opened fire on law enforcement officers


   Today, in the course of operational-search activities on the territory of the Oktyabrsky district of the city of Grozny, the security agencies, together with the special forces of the Russian Guard and the police, discovered a group of armed bandits.

   In order to prevent terrorist acts and ensure the safety of citizens, the head of the FSB Directorate for the Chechen Republic made a decision to conduct a counterterrorist operation and introduce an appropriate legal regime.

   The bandits who had settled in a private house were blocked by the forces of the operational headquarters. At the offer of law enforcement officers to surrender to the authorities, the bandits opened fire from automatic weapons.

   During the shootout, four bandits were neutralized.


   Currently, the site of the clash is being inspected and the necessary investigative actions are being carried out.

   Unfortunately, it was not possible to avoid losses among the forces of law and order, during the exchange of fire, three officers of the National Guard were killed. "













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