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Real tanks are prohibitively expensive, and pixel tanks can be ruined by idiotic pubbies and bad ping. Plastic tanks, on the other hand, are much more difficult to ruin.




A Revell Pz 38(t) with its part gremlin commander.




Italeri M4A1 Sherman with commander and three identical Tamiya infantrymen.




The pinnacle of ergonomics, an RPM FT-17.




Dragon IS-2 mod. 1944 ready to deliver 122 mm of socialism.





Tamiya King Tiger with homemade Zimmerit.





Plastic isn't the only material in a modeler's arsenal. With some styrofoam, garden wire, and modelling paste, this Zvezda T-26 covered in Dragon infantry comes to life.




The shining star of my collection, an ICM T-35! Of course, these tanks are only a fraction of what I have loading my shelves, but this post is long enough as it is. Post whatever infantry, tanks, planes, ships, or whatever you have lying around here.

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I'm too embarassed to post pictures of the 1/72 scale stuff I have built myself.  Mostly I buy the prebuilt platic or diecast stuff. 


When I was a kid, I had a collection of German tanks in 1/35 scale, all Tamiya kits.  I had various other kits in various scales, including all sorts of weird stuff my friend and I built out of spare parts. We made an entire army of made up vehicles to battle the German tanks.  Eventually, all the weird stuff got blown up when my friend and I came into the possesion of several packs of bottle rockets.  It was a glorious battle, plastic shards flying in ever direction.  The German stuff never got the bottle rocket treatment, I think it eventually got sold in a garage sale when I went off to college. 

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I got around to unpacking my modeling stuff. It was not pretty. 



Many of the partially built models took damage.  All my CA model glues dried up. And worst of all, almost all the tracks are ruined. 



I have a Dragon early M4A1 brit desert model from Dragon, a really nice smart kit. I was going to start on it while I was working on others, and since I don't like to mix the paints for track paining just for one set, I like to do them in big batches, kinda the same way I do tanks, build to the point of paint, primer and set aside until the airbrushing day.  Anyway, so I primered the DS Tracks for the above kit, the sets DS tracks for an M4A2 Marine Sherman and a later M4A1 76 Sherman that was about 90% done. 



All the primered tracks just broke up, they were soft when I put them into storage but two years in a plastic tote with primer on them ruined them. The one set of DS tracks I did not primer for an M4 Hybrid4 IC firefly are in good shape. I also have a very nice after marker brass and aluminum barrel for this kit.  



So I have all in 1/35th:



Dragon M4A1 early direct vision 75mm Brit Sherman. Complete, minus tracks, not even the bags are open yet in the box. But not tracks




Dragon M4A1 76 US around Cobra version, pained, built, it just needed tracks, touch ups to the paint, decals and a few fiddly bits, and it would have been done. Now it needs more detail parts fixed, new tracks, much more paint touch up. It was going to be 'In the mood' and I was using tiny stencils to do it. 



Dragon M4A2 76 lend lease tank. this tank was 97% done, it just needed weathering and a few fiddly bits put on. Now its about 90% with some broken detail parts, it's DS tracks were fully painted but not weathered and survived fine. 



Dragon M4A2 75 Marine tank, 75% done, no tracks. The kit is in very nice condition other than that though. 



Dragon M4 hybrid IC Firefly, just like the one in WOT, new in box, all parts, tracks, a aftermarket barrel and some other cool goodies, so this may be the first kit I start back up on.





Dragon M4A3E8 Thunderbolt VII totally destroyed in move. Crushed. Sad face, it was 100% done.





Tamiya M26 Pershing. This kit was my first really well done kit after my comeback to modeling a few years back. I used the future floor wax trick to make the decals really look like paint, I weathered it with paints and chalks, and it really looked nice. It’s now in sorry conditions, the main gun missing its muzzle breaks, the detail parts broken  off the turret, some of the suspension is broken. Off the three M26 kits this was the second best. Tracks still intact though.



Dragon M26 Pershing, this was an older generation kit I got cheap. You can tell the molds had seen better days. I got it to about 80% then lost a part while air brushing. This kit took a lot of extra work to make parts like the gun fit the turret. It’s in bad shape, fenders broken off detail parts broken, a few suspension arms too. The only tracks it came with are the ones that you make out of each link and I think I still have them in a baggy. Those are such a pain in the ass to make though.



Hobbyboss M26. I got this kit right when it hit the market. It had some very nice details like a motor and transmission included in the kit. This kit was also in the 80% range and getting its first paint coatings when it got packed. It’s now in bad shape, and I’m not sure if I have all the engine grates and other detail parts.




Dragon Tiger 1 late production smart kit with zimmeritt. This kit was an impulse buy because I had never seen so many photo etch parts in a kit before. It came with a huge number of fiddly little bits you needed tweezers and a magnifying glass to build. Like the clamps that held all the tools down. The were made out of the three very small photo etch bras parts like, well, think of a three part brass latch to hold down tools on a 1/35 Tiger. Honestly, I gave up on them, and only used the easy to install fiddly bits, then I watched the BBCs Holocaust documentary and felt bad for building it in the first place. I decided to finish it as a captured museum tank so I wouldn’t need all the detail shit that’s always missing on those tanks anyway.



I have some plane kits that are unbuilt and came through well, and a dragon 1/72 Tiger kit, (it was 3.99 on clearance) that’s in good shape.



I don’t think the M26s are going to make it in a traditional way, but I think I could take the three kits and make them into a diorama of the three M26s sitting together in the back lot of a tank museum rusting away, I have tons of pics of three M26s doing just that, most of the detail parts that are broken and missing wouldn’t mater then, and two out of three were missing tracks, so many issues solved, and doing really rusty weathered tanks behind a chain link fence would be a fun little project. 


I hoping to find some DS tracks online to fix the Sherman kits. 


All photos are old, I'll post more current ones at some point. 

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So I started my first model build in a few years today.

An M4A3 76 from Trumpeter.




I got this far before my wife woke the beast.




Some thoughts.

I remember medium CA glue being a little thicker.

1/72 scale is SMALL.  Small stuff is easy to send flying.

Trump is about 2 grades lower than Dragon, things like lifting loops in 1/72 are solid, I’ll cut them off and add wire ones. Just not as much detail as a similar dragon kit but only about 2/3s the cost.

With a scale this small good side cutters are really needed. You can’t be cutting little shit off the sprues with an exacto knife.


I think I’ll go back to 1/35 though, this scale is really frustrating. But maybe not, I’ll try a few more brands and see. 

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I did a little bit of 1:72nd armour before realizing that the high end 1:72 kits are only a little cheaper than equivalent quality 1:35 kits (or the same cost, if you hunt for bargains a bit), but with greatly reduced variety. 


Yeah, all the interesting stuff is in 1/35, and 1/48 in an abortion in armor. 

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So I went ahead and ordered a new set of tracks for my M4A1 direct vision 'El Elamein Sherm, and a aluminum barrel for it as well.  I may not even finish the 1/72 stuff. 


I really want to do that DV Sherman, the IC Firefly Hybrid is cool too, and I have a beutiful aluminum and brass barel for it. I may build them both at once. They will have to be painted together as well, at work... 


Anway, some box shots. 




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